Has it really (almost) been a year?

In (almost) a year, so much has happened.  In no particular order:  we lost our other cat to old age a few months ago, and M’s dad/RR’s Pop Pop a couple of weeks ago.  I quit drinking alcohol back in December, and my wife and I go to the gym nearly every morning during the week.  RR is almost seven.  I released a full-length solo record in March.  Christmas came and went and now we’re “people who have birds,” because RR asked Santa for parakeets.  The dogs killed a groundhog together on Easter morning, moments before nearly a dozen folks joined us for a RR’s Easter egg  hunt.  I smoked some pot, but didn’t like it.  I’m decreasing the dosage of my anti-depressants.  We go hiking a lot (but not as much as we’d like) and now own a 16′ canoe.  We’re finally selling/giving away so many baby/toddler things we’ve held onto for seven years.  I’m playing bass guitar in a southern rock/roots/blues band and it’s equal parts hilarious and awesome.  My job keeps shifting and changing in ways that are challenging and rewarding… most of the time.

I feel like I could write individual posts about everything up there, but can’t sort out where to start.  Any ideas?

Things on the horizon:  a road trip in an RV to Wyoming this summer for M’s dad’s memorial.  My 40th birthday is in October and we’re going to Disney World (but haven’t told RR yet.)  RR might try to learn how to ride a bike this summer… might.  A “tea party” seventh birthday party.  Many shows playing bass.  Less shows playing solo or my own material.  Writing here more often.

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  1. Welcome back. You’ve been missed!

    Selling the baby things, finally, yep. I did all that when my little girl was around 7, three years ago, although I found a bin full of cloth diapers today. Onto Craigslist they go! I find I am unable to let go of my Ergo carrier, however. Too many memories attached to it, such as wearing my babe in it under my big sturdy barn coat out to do morning barn chores.

    I used to get overly obsessed with load bearing walls and good roofing when helping my girl make fairy houses. Tea parties and pink everything and tutus—I was so out of my depth!

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