Interesting fact about me and my wife that you probably don’t know: We only listen to country music when we’re together (in the car, in the kitchen).  Well, that is, when we’re not being bossed by RR to put on some Music Together tunes.  But whatever.

We have some music-interest similarities (Coldplay, Mumford, Macklemore), but then we divide into guitar-driven emo rock (me: Jimmy Eat World, Snow Patrol, Mae) and clever-pop or the obscure (No Doubt?  The Eels?  Weezer?).  We overlap somewhere in between Keith Urban and Taylor Swift.  I know.  You can still respect us, I promise.

Anyhow, that Carrie Underwood (for all of her sing-wailing) has a new song out called “See You Again.”  And it’s cheesy.  Whatever.  But the song reminds me, happily… not sadly, of my mom.  It makes me feel like she’s in my heart, beating.  With so much loss… going around, this song, for me, rings of healing tones and words.  Even if you hate country music, listen (after you get past the initial ad crap).

I love that music has power like that.  Even if it’s cheesy.

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  1. As I get older I enjoy country music more. It’s nice to find something upbeat, fun, and decent enough lyrics for Noah. So far he likes Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert.

  2. My wife totally turned me around on country. It’s funny, because she’s a New Englander and I grew up in a southern state. Totally listen to it in the car now.

  3. I totally turned my wife on to country music(All I listened to growing up). She grew up listening to only 80’s music…she is in her early 20’s(therefore, NOT an 80’s baby), but her dad never let the family listen to anything but 80’s growing up. Between country and a mix of “today’s hits” (most of which we don’t find to be “hits”), we try to find a balance between the two genre’s.

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