In the now!

July is turning into this weird runaway freight train.  I keep thinking it’s later in July than it actually is (not to self – it’s the 11th today), and panicking about things that will happen a month, three months, and even ten months from now.  Other note to self – slow the fuck down.  Be in the now, bitches!

So here’s what’s coming up in the NEAR future:

My wife starts peeing on sticks again this Saturday, with a hopeful positive OPK around Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.  We’ll do two IUI’s again, hopefully one the day of the kit change, and one the next day.  Mountaineer Donor is being delivered to the lab today.  He spent some time in Newark yesterday which, last I checked, wasn’t really known for its mountains.

The last week in July, we’re taking a mini getaway to Busch Gardens – half to ride some rides, and half to see my family.  I spent a LOT of time there growing up, since my dad (old, retired man – RIP) would buy summer season tickets to make my sister and I there all summer long on his every-other-weekend custody times.  In my day, I could have been a tour guide.  Anyhow – my family lives nearby, so we’ll meet up with those guys and sucker them into watching RR as my wife and I pretend that we’re younger and childless people, with less motion sickness problems.

Come August, I’m heading to Oakland for four days to be the logistics chair of the Butch Voices conference.  All conference shenanigans aside, this will be the first time taking a) a long trip solo (both time and distance), and b) without my family.  Crazy talk!

Finally, the week of August 19th, RR starts Montessori.  She is already prepared with her Montessori slippers.  Yay slippers!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  RR went to the dentist this week!  Picture proof below.  Clean bill of dental health, and she was totally OK with the whole process.  We saw a pediatric dentist in town (one of two covered by insurance – we flipped a coin).  We got there, filled out paperwork, and then the hygienist came out with a goody bag of stuff for RR.  She asked RR if she wanted to come back and pick out a toothbrush, and before we knew it, the lady had RR behind the door, happily leaving us in the waiting room.  After a cleaning, fluoride treatment, and check-up, she was done!  No trauma, no scarring… just left with a clean mouth, a toy truck, and a green balloon.  Score!


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  1. The Butch Voices conference? Do tell….

  2. My wife would love that conference, but I’m not sure that I can stand to solo parent yet… Is it an every year event?

  3. Wait. Is that dentist Dr. Stone? No way. It’s got to be somebody else. That cannot be Dr. Stone; he was my dentist. He did not have a hat like that then. Maybe the 80’s didn’t call for one? Anyway, it can’t be him.

  4. How awesome for Montessori! We really want to put Punky in Montessori, but it will really depend on the money situation when the time comes! Exciting things happening! Can’t wait to hear the news later!

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