Random bits of randomness

  • My craving and general neediness of popsicles and ice is out of control.  All my life, I’ve had sensitive teeth and really unable to bite into any iciness of any kind without shooting pain, but for some reason, pregnancy has rewired my mouth nerves.  Fortunately, my building has a free ice machine, so I can crunch ice all the livelong day.  At home, these seem to do the trick, and make me feel less guilty about eating through an entire box.
  • A few weeks ago, Vegas finally removed himself from my ass nerve, giving me several weeks of non-walking pain.  He is back, however, with a vengeance doing something in there giving me shooting pains in the right side of my hips.  Tylenol, check.  Balance ball sitting, check.  Waddle, check.  Slowest walking pregnant lady, check.
  • We have the beginnings of our weekly OB appointments today where they will “swab my bottom” for Group B Strep Infection detection.  Whereas I’m sure this is painless, I’m less than thrilled with the idea of a taint-swabbing.
  • Some folks I used to work with bought me my most sought-after registry item.  Between this and the racing stripe car seat, I cannot WAIT to take Vegas out in public.
  • We’re 36 weeks today.
  • I can’t help but wonder if there will be another ultrasound before Vegas makes his entry.  We had one at 6 weeks (tiny flickering bean), 12 weeks (outline of a waving human), and 22 weeks (super shy Vegas spends entire ultrasound shielding his face).  While nothing has prompted the NEED of an additional ultrasound, I will admit it would be nice to peek in there just once more.  Although, at this rate, we’ll see him on the outside in only a matter of weeks anyhow.
  • Making preparations for something you don’t know when is going to happen is exhausting.  People at work have started saying, “Any day now, huh!?” which puts me in a wide-eyed panic.  Mostly because, as much as I’d like Vegas to come out tomorrow (for my own selfish reasons), we have shit to do, people.  Then there’s setting wheels in motion at work for people to cover my job when it all goes down, out of office voicemail and email replies to set-up, and not to mention non-work stuff like identifying who will take care of the dog if we have to leave at 2am to get to the hospital and labor for 12+ hours.  He he he whoooooooo.

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  1. Awesome diaper bag. I think you’re going to have a pretty kick ass baby! I can’t wait! I bet you can’t either!

  2. Not to contribute to the “any day now” panic, but it’s maybe better to have things set up as much as possible sooner rather than later. Both of the most recent babies of my acquaintance were born at 37 weeks. Just a thought.

    Also, the diaper bag is awesome. As is the racing stripe car seat.

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