Fake Plastic Trees

Well, we all know what kind of emotional and psychological environment Vegas will be raised up in, but for those of you at home wondering what kind of physical environment will surround him (you know, besides the African masks and large, black dog), here is a glimpse into the nursery-in-progress:

Not included is a changing table (which matches the crib), a five-drawer dresser (circa 1977, from yours truly) which will be housed inside the closet, a dark wood bookcase (already stocked with an odd assortment of children’s books, including the only book read to me while I was a child, The Rainbow Goblins), and eventually one of the two sage-colored rocking recliners we own (yes, two.  We actually own three recliners total.  Don’t ask).  I don’t think we bought a single item up there together, as they have all been procured from different stores at different times – some after much deliberation, others spontaneously on a whim.

The most unique item would have to be the owl light switchplate cover, which is the only one of its kind, bought from etsy.com.  The most controversial item would have to be the fake tree, as everyone we’ve told about the tree GASPS and wonders how we will prevent Vegas from choking on the leaves (maybe one of the baby books we have will tell us when they start craving fake greenery, so we can be on high alert).  Honestly – people should be thankful we abandoned the Southwest/Arizona vibe earlier, as that tree is a downgrade from the previous various ornamental cacti.  Also, for clarification purposes, the beige colored image is the wall color, and the flower pattern image at the bottom is the 5’x7′ area rug.

Some time ago, when I was barely pregnant, we bought a used co-sleeper from a very nice lady in town, so it might be a while until Vegas really tests out his digs full-time.  As much as we really didn’t want a theme, we kept coming back to nature-related items.  Also, we’re really a neutral-colored, brown and tan sort of house, thanks to Africa Nation*.  The only brightly-colored item we have for Vegas so far, is this fella right here, the pre-named rocking caterpillar, “Giddyup” whom we bought from another nice lady in town, complete with baby teeth marks on the handles.  We’ve still got plenty of finishing touches to add, but this is the general gist of where Vegas will be spending some serious quality time.

*My wife spent several years overseas in South America and Africa, so we have more masks and art than we know what to do with.

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  1. I love the switchplate cover– I like anything with owls!

    I think this looks like a nice room to start!

    • It’s coming along nicely, thanks! We looked at more abstract or realistic owly switch plates, or greenery/nature ones, but this one stood out in that retro way. Plus the realistic owls were kind of creepy. And we’d like to at least creep him out with things we already own first.

  2. I like the mix and color scheme. It’s so much better than having a garish overabundance of bright colors. And I don’t see why the tree is a big deal. It’ll be a while before Vegas can reach the leaves, and by then he might be past the stage of having to see what everything tastes like. If not…you can move it then. Wow, novel concept. 😉

    • Yeah, we’re just not primary color folks, so having one room be this bright cartoony playground seemed like it would be a little out of place, especially in context with the rest of the house. He’ll also be lucky if he gets a mobile that’s not black and white. 😉 And right… totally novel idea.

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