A Wonderful Christmas Time

So much to say, but I’m feeling scattered and still a little wounded from the whirlwind that has been the last few weeks.  That said, we’ve finally stopped spinning long enough to realize that Christmas is merely a week away.  How did that happen?

The tree has been up for over a week, but just today, we put on the ornaments.  Ornaments that are (well, with the exception of one picture collage from my wife’s college years) rather sophisticated – hand-blown glass animals, an intricate acoustic guitar, a variety of snowmen, a small shiny bottle of whiskey (from last year, as a token for my non-drinking self), and snowflakes galore.  Some prompted tears – of sadness, the ones from now-dead Grandma; of joy, the one for our first house, the one from a memorable trip back to DC just two years ago.  Now we have one baby’s-first-Christmas ornament prominently displayed in the front.  We have our first taste of Christmas ornament parenthood, as RR’s angel from school is perched on the branches at the top – her big round head cut out and pasted on a paper and popsicle stick angel frame.  One day, our sophisticated tree will turn into a receptacle for handmade ornaments.

This morning, with Christmas music playing, and RR sitting (sitting!) in her playpen, we decked the halls.  There’s still about an inch or so of snow in our front and back yards, so the long grass and leftover Fall leaves mock me every time we pull up in the driveway.  Is it frowned upon to rake and mow in December, when the snow melts and we have a less-than-freezing day?

We have from now until New Year’s Day to ourselves, and I’m not sure we could be happier.  We shopped today, like normal people, with our non-fussy baby.  We popped in and out, darted into parking spaces, made a list, checked it twice.  We came home and my wife (and her invisible elves) turned out an impressive amount of homemade goodies, with more to come tomorrow.  I can’t wait until RR is old enough to sample the fudge and toffee with me, though, she most certainly will be propped up on a stool and enlisted to stir something while trying to avoid knocking the candy thermometer.

RR’s stocking is hung by the chimney, with care indeed.  This is the only year that her present (shh, don’t tell) can sit by the front door without her noticing.

A week from now, we’ll be having Christmas dinner, just the three of us.  And a ham.  And our animals (plus one more dog, who will be visiting – I think he heard about the ham).  RR will be exactly six months old.  The other day, when I made reservations for a beach vacation in July, it seemed so far away.  But if it goes half as fast as the last six months have, we’ll be sitting in the sand, watching our one year old make a primitive sand castle in no time.

Happy Holidays, folks.

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  1. You both put us to shame, no tree here. I managed to string some lights along the stair railing for him to look at. Your place sounds lovely.

    It’ll just be us three on Christmas day as well. We’re going to go out for duck on Christmas Eve. Yummy.

  2. Sounds like the start to lovely holiday! I’m sure she’s gonna love the baby einstein!

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