Grandma Update

For those of you worried at home, Grandma number two (my wife’s mother) hasn’t been here for even 24 hours and I’m happily fed and full of gin.  Yes, gin.  She feeds/rocks/soothes RR, feeds us, grocery shops, walks the dog, works on her quilting during nap times, doesn’t judge when RR fusses, and indulges me in social butterfly conversations about topics that don’t involve people I went to high school who manage that retail store at the mall.  Oh sure, she has her crazy, but for the first time since RR was born, there’s another pair of fully capable hands in the house, and it makes the world of difference.  It could also be the gin talking, but that’s another topic.

Posted on July 21, 2010, in da family. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Yay for capable hands! I will wave at the two of you as I drive through town on Friday with your cuteness.

    • Er, I’m tired, and that doesn’t sound right. I won’t be driving with your cuteness. I’ll be waving at you with your cuteness. thing.

  2. What a relief!!!!! Do you think you’ll be able to let her leave??? Do you think she would adopt me???

  3. Sounds good— glad you’ve got some gin!

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