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Day 16

Whole30: Day 16

OK – so posts I owe you, so far, are one about clothing and one about my blossoming children’s music career (I will give you a teaser here with two ROUGH tracks so far).  Oh, and one amazing post about how much I love my wife, in response to hers today, which cannot possibly be as amazing.  No way.  Impossible.

OK back to food.  Thin pork chops, kale chips, and sweet potatoes last night for dinner.  The kale chips are amazing – everything else was delicious, but nothing is really as delicious as those 50/50 were.  I’m afraid those burgers set the delicious bar way too high.

Cantaloupe, eggs, and bacon for breakfast this morning, all while boiling some eggs to have with our salads at lunch time, along with some chicken.  That seems wrong, no?  Oh, and a banana!  Which is like, paleo candy.

Anniversary dinner tonight will be NY Strip Steak with mushrooms.  Hot damn.

There’s also apparently some wackadoo crazy snowstorm coming in tonight, too?  Talk to me about snow in January, when I could be appropriately excited about it.  Snow in March just makes me, and my daffodils, cranky.  At least we still have our Hurricane Sandy preparations, plus a ton of food that we could grill outside or eat raw if we lose power.  It’s not like the ice cream will go bad.  HA!

Day 15

Whole30: Day 15

Sorry sorry, Day 14.  It wasn’t personal, promise.  I’ll try to make it up to you this morning, deal?

Day 14 was a banner day, actually.  We all woke up in good moods, and when RR grew tired of playing inside (around 10am or so), we all gathered ourselves, dog included, and went on a hike through the local trail that runs through our neighborhood.  RR still fits into her backpack carrier, so we spent most of the hike part in the woods with her on my wife’s back.  She walked a good half mile on the sidewalk when we headed back home.  Needless to say, both she and the dog were exhausted when we got back, so naptime for everyone.

I think one of the things we’ll look more forward to after the Whole30 is at least the prospect of some kind of convenience food.  Not saying we’re stocking up on happy meals, but when we forgot to plan lunch yesterday, the only solution we could think of was heading to the grocery store nearby and picking up a rotisserie chicken.  Right?  Totally less convenient than, say, a sandwich or something.

So we ate our chicken, and when RR woke up from her nap, it was just in time for Emily the babysitter to take over.  A babysitter.  I KNOW!  Crazy shit.  It was kind of a trial run for them, from 3pm-5pm, while my wife and I went to buy NEW PANTS.  Cause wearing a size women’s 20 when you’re actually a size regular-lady 16 is less flattering in person.  I swear to you – I can’t remember the last time I was a size 16.  I may have BEEN 16.

One thing I’ll say about shopping in the “regular” person’s area is… holy crap, why do thinner people have such nice, well-made, soft, flattering, and less expensive clothes?  It’s a huge, steaming pile of horseshit that plus sized people get, like, two styles of everything, for twice the price of other clothes, and less fucking flattering.   And they only last, like.. a year.  If you’re lucky.

So I spent less time being SO HAPPY to not be in the plus area, and more time being OUTRAGED that this whole other world exists at the exclusion of who I’ve been since I was in high school.  Ugh.  Whole other post.

So we got home and had 50/50 burgers (1/2 ground beef, 1/2 ground BACON) for dinner, courtesy of the Eat Like A Dinosaur book that we have checked out from the library.  Holy fucking shit, it was SO GOOD.  Dude.  I can’t even talk about it.  I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can grill these suckers outside and all the neighbors will come running into my back yard.

Dinners that good make you forget that cookies even exist.

This morning, we all had eggs and cantaloupe, and RR had an additional 15 blueberries, two apricots, and one lick of my avocado (an actual lick), while I was assembling this afternoon’s salads.  Like a beast, I tore off a leg/thigh off of the leftover rotisserie chicken and put it in a tupperware with my designated 1/2 of the 50/50 burger (we made three total – ate two last night, had one left.  I reluctantly gave my wife the other half.) and that’s my lunch today.  Tonight for dinner is these pork chops.  Yum.

Day 13

Whole30: Day 13

Howdy from Saturday night, which currently consists of me watching some trashy TV (my wife is out for her once-a-month social obligation), still content from tonight’s dinner, which was leftover slow-cooker pork, curried sweet potatoes, and mashed plantains. RR was a delightful dinner companion, as she typically is, and had Spaghetti-O’s (“more meatballs, please”), watermelon, pears, and a bite of curried sweet potatoes that was chewed and then spat out.  Always worth a try.

Grocery shopping this morning (duh) and we stocked up for the week AND ate lunch at the grocery store.  Double win!  I’m planning on taking a picture of our fridge, pantry, and counter to kind of show you what things look like here.  Fair warning – there are a LOT of eggs.  And some Diet Cokes hiding in the way way way back – waiting for the Whole30 to end.

Really, Saturday mornings beat the hell out of us – between music class and tackling grocery stores with the child WHO WILL NOT STAY IN A CART FOR HER LIFE, it’s exhausting.  I’m surprised we don’t ALL go down for a nap when RR does.  But we wind down, for sure.  And a couch nap isn’t totally unheard of.

Day 13 and I think all of the bad juju from the gluten and sugar in my previous world has finally flushed itself out.  I can see bones in my hands again. I feel less bloated and puffy.  I’m generally less grouchy.  I’m sleeping like the dead.  It’s delightful.

It still hard to fake-eat the Ritz cracker that RR insists that I eat.  That’s still totally hard.  Cause that shit is tasty!  And dude, that kid is cute.  It’s like a double-whammy.

Now for more trashy TV and equally-trashy internet surfing.  Lucky me!

Day 12

Whole30: Day 12

Are you tired of these yet?  How about now?

Today is Friday.  It’s also payday.  Those are both such good, good things.

This morning started like most mornings this week, which means we were cooking some combination of meals (that weren’t breakfast) before 8am.  Welcome to paleo in our house!  Right before my wife hopped in the shower around 6:45am, she preheated the oven so that we could bake some chicken breasts (salt, pepper, olive oil, and into the oven at 375 for 30 minutes) to have with our leftover meat sauce from last night’s spaghetti squash dinner.  We had the world’s smallest spaghetti squash, so we tried to pull one over on RR and serve her egg noodles, but she spat them out and demanded squash instead.  Weird kid.

So the chicken was baking, and after everyone was up, I put the pork roast (isn’t is just… gorgeous?) that had been marinating overnight in the slow-cooker.  Seriously – that hunk of meat was beautiful.  Here’s the marinade recipe, and it’s amazing.  We leave out the cinnamon, though.  And we did serve it in lettuce leaves last time, but this time, we’re serving it over a plantain mash, with a baked sweet potato side.

This, hopefully, will set us up for non-weekend failure!  We should be able to have chicken salads for lunch tomorrow (either homemade, or from the grocery store’s salad bar), then leftover pork for dinner.

Time to make a menu for this next week, which might involve giving the slow-cooker a moment to sit in the cupboard before it goes on strike.  Then it’s just over two weeks more of these shenanigans, which is a little light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-ish.  Our anniversary is next week (married eight years!), so we’ll have to figure out a way to paleo-celebrate, whatever that will mean!


Day 11

Whole30: Day 11

Standing in the kitchen at 9pm last night, my wife and I had both made it through hours 8pm-9pm, which are the hardest for me, since it’s the time where I typically go sugar-shopping in the kitchen.  We had filled the slow-cooker with a whole chicken (picked free of half of its meat), carrots, celery, onions, and herbs?  And water?  And other things that make it turn into bone broth.  We turned that sucker on to cook overnight, and then started discussions about tonight’s dinner.

We hadn’t really made a menu for the week, which would have nearly killed us last time we did Whole30, but this time, we had a paleo fridge and pantry stocked, our arsenal ready for battle.  We decided to make a meat/tomato sauce in the slow cooker in the morning to cook during the day, and make with spaghetti squash tonight.  It was a relatively sane conversation, considering I had just contemplated going to bed at 8:15pm earlier, since I was dying of temptation.  Dying.

It must be like how chronic depression people feel.  The folks who just want to sleep all day.  Seriously – the consideration of sleeping as a means to keep myself from shoving myself full of crap food seems like a great and effective coping method.  If you’re asleep, you can’t think about how you’re not eating a plate of brownies.

Anyhow, so this morning, we made sauce.  This is the part about the Whole30 that makes you seem a little crazy.  The slow-cooker usage overnight, followed by using it the next morning before it’s even cleaned.  The browning of ground beef before 8am.  The constant chopping of onions, garlic, and inventory and thawing of freezer meats.  It does make your house smell good, though.

It also makes you wish you had, like, three slow cookers.

Oh, and speaking of bone broths, my wife’s use of it last night in making collard greens made them taste SO GOOD that RR ate two fork-fulls.  Then she complained about it being too chewy.  But still!  Two bites is better than no bites!  This was after some decent amount of convincing, some downright ignoring, and “cheers-ing” our collard forks together to make collards seem SO EXCITING.  Cause really, how DO you make collards exciting?  I’m all ears.

Day 10

Whole30: Day 10

We’re officially a third of the way through!  Not like anyone’s counting.  Nope.

Eh – I’ve written so much today that I actually don’t have much to say about food!  It seems so… unimportant in the face of death and grief.  But I will say that at the heart of it, my mom’s death is what inspired me to get off my ass and do something about my weight, and in turn, my health.  So I guess there’s that.  Also, if she saw me now, she’d certainly say that I was way too skinny, and ask if I needed to go see my doctor to see if something was wrong with me.  Ha.  No, really.

Also, the Whole30 is a not just food (though it’s the most obvious part.. duh), but for me, it’s also keeping up my gym routine, and also getting back into the habit of meditating for 20 minutes a day.  I’m also enjoying things like, going to a music class once a week with some other local folks, working on my Children’s Music CD (I still have to post about that!   Geez), and reading books about mountaineering (don’t ask).  So it’s a wholesome body approach, the Whole30.

This morning, I made a kick-ass salad for our lunch (spinach leaves, chicken, cucumbers, raw cashews, blueberries, diced up apricots, hard-boiled egg), which is good, since it will be what we’re having for lunch tomorrow.  Last night’s pot roast was so good, we ate it before you could open your Instagram app.  Mmhmm.

Day 9

Whole30: Day 9

There’s something very primal about eating an avocado right out of the shell.  I suppose it’s less primal if you use a fork?  Regardless, it was a delicious accompaniment to today’s lunch.  In the container is a Chicken Salad with Roasted Bell Peppers and Toasted Almonds recipe that my wife adapted to make Whole30 compliant.  It was so good that last night, I nearly walked out of the kitchen with the bowl after she asked what I thought about it.

Monday’s are hard.  It’s even harder when you’re sitting at a two hour meeting next to a lady delicately and slowly eating a brownie with her fingertips.  I consoled myself with my black coffee.  Of course, this was after stealing the garnishes (grapes and fanned-out-strawberries) which were the only approved items on the catering table.  Dude, seriously – 120 people at a meeting, and you’re hopping them up with brownies and coffee, and THEN hoping they sit through your presentation?  That’s wrong even before my paleo days.

Last night, we had baked “blackened” (read, seasoned) chicken with spinach, mango, and avocado.  And tonight we’re having pot roast!  Mmm.

Yesterday after work was, surprisingly, the first evening where I really missed having something alcoholic to drink after work.  It’s been pretty easy so far, mostly because the lack of sugar has taken front and center in its obnoxiousness.  I thought about having a cup of decaf coffee after dinner every night, but then decided against that, since that’s just a bourbon replacement, really.  Cause who am I kidding?  I guess that’s what makes the Whole30 different than just “eating paleo” – it’s trying (and mostly working) to reset my brain to not WANT something the minute I take my last bite of dinner.

This was an interesting article wherein the author talks about fasting after dinner, as a way to slow down your metabolism and get it ready for bed as well.  I’ve been trying to keep this in mind.  As well as, when eating in general, eating not only Whole30 foods, but eating them in concert with what my day looks like; eating more if I go to the gym versus eating less if I’m not.  When, at night, my body is all, “Dude, where’s more food?!” I can be like, “Shut the fuck up.  What did you do today?  Sit at your desk for eight hours?  Oh, that must have been SO HARD for you.”

What?  You don’t have conversations like that with your body?  Hmm.

Day 8

Whole30: Day 8

Well, we made it through the weekend with only a few moans and groans about feeling deprived.  Really, there’s nothing like sitting around your house to make you think things like, “Hmm… something’s missing.  *pause*  Oh that’s right!  Oreos!”

So we mainly kept ourselves busy both days.  Sunday, when faced with some down time, I was originally going to work on recording some more kid’s songs (side project – whole other post!), but since my throat/nose feels crappy, I went with working outside in the yard instead.  It was, after all, a gorgeous Sunday weather-wise.

The dog and I worked the composters – turning one, and incorporating the other one into it.  Holy earthworms, man.  Anyone need some earthworms?  I also tidied the deck, swept, raked, and just did some overall backyard cleaning.  That kept me busy just long enough during RR’s nap, and then we headed out to shop for some new RR clothes.

While shopping, I bought a cup of coffee for myself, and RR a bag of popcorn.  That kid LOVES some popcorn.  Plus, we had just been in a kids store where some three year old kept getting all up in her face, which makes her sad, so popcorn to the rescue (or as a reward for not slapping the other kid silly)!  Now, we’ve tried to bring RR up right.  Which means she likes to share.  Which means she would REALLY like us to have some popcorn with her.  Which we usually, in paleo-land, would – it’s not the end of the world, popcorn.  But off-limits in Whole30.  So my wife and I played this game called, Let’s Fake Eat The Popcorn She Gives Us While Secretly Putting It In A Napkin.  This is a much easier game to play if you don’t like popcorn.  But like our kid, we love some popcorn, too.  Sigh.

So home, dinner (I had salmon, my wife had steak, broccoli and some leftover sweet potatoes).  We made another steak to put on salads today with some spinach leaves, a hard-boiled egg, and other veggies.

Oh!  Dinner party!  I almost forgot.  It went really well – our friends came over, and we had Damn Fine Chicken drumsticks and thighs, after which we slow-cookered the bones and some other vegetables in the fridge overnight to make stock.  RR totally sat there and ate all of the meat off of a chicken drumstick.  And then some broccoli and sweet potatoes.  She’s amazing… and even more amazing when not eating yogurt and drizzling most of it everywhere with her spoon.

This week’s menu is a conglomeration of chicken, pork chops, and a beef shoulder slow cooker roast, and maybe something with some ground beef.  I bought some plantains to make Caramelized Mashed Plantains, which is amazing for any meal of the day.  One week down, and we’re out of the headachey phase, but staring down the “Give Me A Twinkie!” phase.

Day 7

Oops, fooled you there for a minute. No Day 7 update because it’s nearly 10pm, and that’s about 30 minutes past my bedtime.

I will say that the dinner party was a success, and I had salmon for dinner. Now carry on with your Sunday night business

Day 6

Whole30: Day 6

Last night, we called an audible on our way home, since our original dinner suggestion (roasted chicken) sounded less appealing than, say, chicken CURRY.  So we braved the grocery store, picked up chicken breasts, coconut milk, and red curry paste and there you have it.  It was done before you could say, “Are you back already from walking the dog?”  We ate that with broccoli, and RR and I split a sweet potato.  And it was amazingly delicious.

So back to today.  Day 6 is a Saturday. And Saturdays around here kind of have a routine. We all get up around 8:15am, and proceed to shower and dress before rushing out of the door at 9am on our way to RR’s music class.  Music class is part music, part jumping and running around, and part convincing RR to stay within the circle of parents/kids and not run around the circle like a crazy woman, as she’d like to do.

Then we go to the grocery store. Sometimes TWO grocery stores, if we’re lucky.  Then home in time for lunch and putting RR down for a nap afterwards.  See?  Now you can stalk me.  There’s only so many grocery stores in this town.

We made it through both stores today OK, picking up some items on our list of things to make dinner tonight, for some friends who are coming over.  I KNOW!  Other people in your town ALSO doing the Whole30?  Craziness!  They are a delightful (straight) couple, and my wife works with the man in the couple.  They did the Whole30 a few months ago out of .. shit, I don’t know.  Curiosity?  Skepticism?  Anyhow – they’re doing it again, at the same time as us, so we’re cooking up some chicken, collards, and twice baked sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.  They’re bringing some kind of pumpkin banana mash.  Hell yes.

Luckily, since RR is such a terror in stores that require carts, we spent more time chasing after her than swooning over the Easter candy and donuts.  Man, we love donuts.  Damn.  We bought a ton of fruits and vegetables, and picked up coconut aminos and an unusually large amount of chicken, since it was on super sale.  Booyah.

We’re home, RR is napping, the groceries are put away, and I’m about to start tidying our house so that it’s appropriate for other people to be in it.  We had leftover chili for lunch and are enjoying some much-needed down time after a long week of hard work both WORKING and constantly thinking about food.  If I could be half as motivated to paint my bedroom as I am to eat sweet potatoes, that shit would be done by now.  Alas.

24 days to go!