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The Big Reveal

Telling everyone we know about the pregnancy has been a tiring five-day PR roll-out.  Well, it started far more than five days ago,as you know, when we initially told close friends and family.  Those folks kept their trap shut as long as they could (varying times per person) and eventually told other people.  You know… my mom told that lady at church; her mom told a few neighbors.  But for the masses, this baby has been kept under lock and key.

Oh but now – now everyone knows.  A timeline for you, if you will:

Friday:  Sonogram reveals averagey average baby.  I tell one co-worker and my boss.
Saturday:  Not so much telling, but an exhausting day spent registering (a whole other post).
Sunday:  Holiday newsletter was emailed to friends and family (otherwise known as, people who would have been grouchy to find out news of this caliber on Facebook).
Monday:  Morning meeting with HR, afternoon spent telling boss’ boss and other co-workers.
Tuesday:  A timed attack on Facebook – a one-two punch of her status update, followed by my update (and obligatory posting of ultrasound picture as my profile picture).  Dozens of status “like’s”, Congratulations, Wow’s, and one HOLY SHIT! later, everyone from former and current co-workers, and high school and college friends have been dutifully notified.


On another note, the past few nights have been rough sleep-wise, due to some combination of nausea, having to pee every hour, and a lot of gurgling activity inside which is most likely the result of the hammering and scaffolding that is being erected in my uterus to support what is yet to come.  I swear, at some point I could smell sawdust.  My belly is getting weirdly hard, which is also creepy exciting.


“You know, for the baby album.” the OB says to us as she hands the ultrasound pictures over.  Some of you may have already seen a peek at Vegas over at my wife’s blog, but just in case you missed it – here’s another couple of 12 week ultrasound picture for Google images:

Vegas 12 Weeks

Vegas 12 Weeks Waves

We’re in the throes of telling people now, which is both exhilarating, liberating, and exhausting.  I still don’t know how to react when the straight ladies squeal and shake their hands.  So far, I think I’ve squealed back.  So unlike me… the squealing.