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Last night, after running out to pick up dinner, some groceries, and dog food, I looked up to close the station-wagon’s back door and saw Orion’s Belt in the sky.

We got to the Cabin in the Woods Friday night, bringing with us clothes, toiletries, and food to last us until Sunday afternoon.  As we gleefully scoped the cabin out, we investigated the hot tub, which was on, hot, and bubbling invitingly.  Since it was placed out on an uncovered deck, we plunged in without hesitation, and gazed up at the stars.  Onion’s Belt.  The Big Dipper.  So many stars above us.

We had no wi-fi and little cell phone reception (only available in said hot tub, ironically).  Below is some photographic evidence of the blissful and dreamy time we had.

2014-02-22 11.04.50
2014-02-22 12.26.37
2014-02-22 18.04.24-2
2014-02-22 18.44.32   2014-02-23 11.08.08

A Cabin in the Woods

That sounds kind of like a horror film, hm?  Anyway.

In nine days, RR will be three years and seven months old.  In all that long time, my wife and I haven’t spent a night together without her.  Sure, there have been trips when one of us has been away (conferences, sick/dead mom, etc.), but in three years, and nearly seven months, if we’ve spent the night together, RR has been close by.

Apparently grandparents do things like… watch your kid while you go away for a weekend.  WHO KNEW THIS?!  And furthermore, if you knew this, why didn’t you TELL someone?

So one weekend in February, we’re headed to a cabin about 45 minutes north of town, but by ourselves.  Just me and my wife.  It’s like a hybrid Valentine’s Day/Anniversary mini-vacation.  We’ll go up after bedtime on Friday, and come home Sunday afternoon.  I’m ridiculously excited.  The last time we went away together was March 2010, just a few months before RR was born when we went to the beach for a week to celebrate our anniversary.

Alone time, especially in the wake of having people at your house ALL THE TIME… well, I just can’t fathom it.  “Whaaaat?!  No way!” as RR would say.

Speaking of people in your house all the time, the in-laws have been spending a lot of time fixing up their new house. Which would be totally more exciting if they did this while we were home, but they do this all during our 9-5’s. Somehow, someway, they make it home before we do every night.   Curiouser and curiouser…

It’s a lot.  It’s hard to be your best self all the time.  Sometimes, I just wanna come home and not be my best self.  It’s exhausting.

But then again, M’s mom hugged her last night when she got home from work, and I was kind of (really) sad that I can’t hug MY mom anymore (sad trombone) so I suppose all of this family time is good.  Plus, RR hugged both of them last night before bedtime, which was the Very First Time she’s hugged her grandfather.  Slow to warm, that one.

It’s day 15 of the Whole30, so I’m technically halfway through.  Notable discoveries include the fact that I’ve learned that I like brussel sprouts and it is feasible that I can actually tire of eating eggs every morning.  Thank goodness for Primal Fuel and smoothies.  And bacon.

Also, exercising willpower is actually a THING.  As in, the first five days, it was hard to pass the rice at the dinner table, but yesterday it was actually pretty easy to carry down a huge tray of leftover sticky danishes and pastries for another office to devour.  Oh, and I’m beginning to like the taste of black coffee.

In other news, my Christmas lights are still hanging from my gutters.  Gotta get on that.


OK, so I admit that I cannot possible be as awesome as my wife today.  She wins the “Most Wonderful Wife” award.  Yet another reason I am so happy to be married to her.

She is patient and understanding, and what she didn’t tell you is that, moments after our vows and rings and cake and candle-lighting and first-dancing, I promptly fell asleep in our honeymoon house, on our honeymoon bed.

The night before, I had booked a show with my band.  A show that went until 3am or some ungodly hour.  Although the show was unremarkable, I remember sitting outside of the venue drinking beer out of a paper bag, toasting with my band-mates as they threw me an impromptu bachelor party.  The next day, after packing, driving, racing down to the shore, I passed out from a combination of exhaustion and bliss.

My wife, though, is supportive.  She always has been.  Of my wild and crazy dreaming.  Of my late night rock bands shenanigans.  Of believing me when I say things like, “Well, sure.  I’ll have a baby for us”  and “I’m going downstairs to rearrange the furniture again.”  Of ALWAYS being appropriately excited when I look a her for approval of said shenanigans.

When she came to my show 15 years ago, I immediately knew who she was in the audience.  She doesn’t remember that the show was awful.  Or that I could have cared less about who I THOUGHT I had cared about before I saw her.  If there is love at first sight, this was it.  But then she was gone.  But then she was BACK!  And then she said, “yes” early that Christmas morning.

Mostly, I’m so happy that she makes my heart flutter, eight… 15… years later.  She has a smile that warms me.  She’s still my love at first sight.  We’ve been through so many hard times together, and she’s been my steady support throughout it all.  I always believe that since we’re in this life together, things will always be OK.  And that, my friends, make me one lucky person.