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In and Out

I always scoffed at people who took their babies outside (like, to a store, outside) before they were a month old.  I can blame much of this on my mother, who is a firm, and very vocal, believer that you should wait at least a month before you take your baby to a public place.  Blah blah blah, germs.  I admit it, too, though.  Seeing a week-old baby being hauled around in a car seat in CVS would prompt thoughts of “Put that baby back in!!”  In, as in, in the womb… or in the house.  In nonetheless.  Anywhere but out.

Oh but then I saw the light.  Folks, I love a little television, but my brain starts to rot after so many home improvement or cooking shows.  I love you, HGTV, but it’s not you, it’s me.  I’d read a book, but… um, I don’t read.  I CAN read, I just choose not to.  People leave their house with their week-old baby to save themselves from the Food Network.  Duh.

We were one of those people on Monday, when we sent out for a jaunt to the local open-air shopping center, where we leisurely strolled up and down the shops, stopping in for lunch (eaten at a picnic table outside), as well as in a few stores.  RR slept the whole time, except for a handful of open-eyed moments.  No hollerin’, and no demands for lunch (although we had come prepared).  People peeped at her under the sun shade, and I realized that, much like my pregnant belly was public property, apparently my baby is, too.  The weather was cooler than it has been, and we strolled under the awning when it started to rain.  Overall, a much preferred way to spend a Monday, compared to being glazed over by television waves.

So, sorry folks, for spending all of these years judging you and your day-old babies when I’ve seen you out and about.  If you’re like us, you’re trying to get your baby to tolerate her car seat, which she hates, since you plan on leaving the house more frequently than never.  You’re also trying to resemble a contributing member of society, by… oh, putting on a bra, a t-shirt without holes, and shorts that don’t belong at the gym.  Fancy, right?  My bad, folks… my bad.