Last night, after running out to pick up dinner, some groceries, and dog food, I looked up to close the station-wagon’s back door and saw Orion’s Belt in the sky.

We got to the Cabin in the Woods Friday night, bringing with us clothes, toiletries, and food to last us until Sunday afternoon.  As we gleefully scoped the cabin out, we investigated the hot tub, which was on, hot, and bubbling invitingly.  Since it was placed out on an uncovered deck, we plunged in without hesitation, and gazed up at the stars.  Onion’s Belt.  The Big Dipper.  So many stars above us.

We had no wi-fi and little cell phone reception (only available in said hot tub, ironically).  Below is some photographic evidence of the blissful and dreamy time we had.

2014-02-22 11.04.50
2014-02-22 12.26.37
2014-02-22 18.04.24-2
2014-02-22 18.44.32   2014-02-23 11.08.08

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