Food and Religion

Wow, am I glad January is almost over.

About two weeks in, I realized this was the Worst Month Ever to Whole30.  But I committed.  So here I am on Day 26, with a plan to indulge in something non-Whole30 Friday night (Tacos with SHELLS?) or Saturday morning (pancakes?).  I haven’t decided, and no one else but me cares, really.

Another reason for the Whole30 this year was this looming appointment I have with my gynecologist, who is best known for her Conversations About My Weight every time I see her.  Even after I dropped 50 pounds, she’d “like to see me weigh less.”  So, of course, after the holidays when I added ten more pounds to the number that she saw in October.  Well, up a creek, as they say.  I haven’t weighed myself since I started on Jan 2, but my appointment with her is on Thursday, so we’ll see what kind of progress has been made.  Gah.  Stress.

Ooh, on another front, I’ve been going to church.  I KNOW!  Let’s see.  I’ve visited the Presbyterians, the Lutherans, and most recently this weekend, the Episcopalians.  I was leaning Lutheran until I hung with the Episcopalians on Sunday, so I’m going to go there for a few weeks and see how I like it.  Super Plus Bonus points for having an amazing choir, a robust presence of children, and getting communion from a lesbian priest.

They were a bit over the top, though, those crazy Episcopalians.  So many people in the procession.  So many robes and shiny crosses and chalices and shiny shiny big, loud, kneeling church!  The Lutherans were more low-key, both in size and in practice, BUT I didn’t connect with the pastor as well as I did with Lesbian Priest.  The Episcopal kneeling was kind of challenging – kneeling while balancing ones-self while holding the program and reading the prayers.  That’s a lot of multitasking on a Sunday morning.  I thought it would be more like the Catholics, but it kind of wasn’t?  I totally needed the program to know what on earth was going on.

The Presbyterians had a nice choir and a lovely pastor, but there was really no “down time.”  It was all pray, preach, sing, over and over.  I like a little quiet reflective time in my church.  Plus, when they did pray, it was kind of slow and droning.  C’mon people – it’s church!  Perk up!

I’ll keep you posted.  Fun religious times!

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  1. Smells and bells, baby, smells and bells. A little pagentry beats the Frozen Chosen every time, if you ask me, even with the kneeling. Besides, we have great lightbulb jokes. Some about martinis!

    Sigh. I should really get on that whole “I’d like to go to church sometime” thing.

    • It was pretty sassy. And my favorite barista is in the choir! Bonus points for that, too?? The pageantry was a SO MUCH! Like, wow – y’all do this every week?? That looks exhausting.

      It’s taken some getting used to. Mostly, the not sitting around drinking coffee and reading the paper on Sunday morning, like I do. But there’s nothing like live-in in-laws for motivation to get out of the house alone?

  2. I think you should get a new doctor.

  3. I personally loved the non-denominational church I went to, before the ‘coming out’ now, I don’t have any real suggestions for ya. I know I hear Unitarian churches are great for lesbian/gay couples. I also agree with Andie, find a new doctor. Boo-face to that one!

  4. Have you ever attended a Quaker meeting? If you like your religion silent-contemplation-style, you might enjoy it. (Then again it might be a little too heavy on the silent contemplation!) But anyway they are mostly super gay-friendly, and it’s a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning.

  5. I was just about to say…try a Quaker Meeting. No program to follow, their track record regarding inclusion of gbtlq folks goes back centuries vs decades (the Quakers in Putney, VT, where I attend started gay marriage), and I’ve just rarely met a Quaker I don’t like. I hardly believe in all of what they believe but since they believe mostly that the truth is inside me as it is everyone, I just need to figure out where my head and heart are at. And there is something so intensely profound in sitting in a room with people who are busy just shutting up for an hour. Really. I am full-time employed, a foster parent, a parent of three, a wife, etc. I live in a zoo that I am always trying to keep clean. I love the hour in my week where I sit around with really cool people and we all just shut up together for a while. And their children’s programs, especially for teens but for all kids, too, are awesome. Lots of reading Ferdinand the Bull in First Day School. Lots of talk about how kids can walk an alternative path of integrity and self-acceptance and not need makeup and whatnot.Blue jeans worn to worship totally fine. Less brass and incense, more wood and simplicity and vegetarian options at (the ubiquitous) potlucks. Love it.

    A thought about weight. As you may remember from other posts, I’ve been on a long journey. I’ve lost 130 lbs and maintained that loss. I run six miles a day and lift weights. I am a vegan who eats mostly fruit. My resting heart rate is 45 and my numbers are gorgeous. But I still weigh 160 and that means I am still technically overweight. Some of that weight is extra skin. But my doc says she isn’t the slightest bit worried about the ‘extra’ weight. I am fit and I feel incredible, I am not on meds for asthma for the first time in decades. My daily quality of life has increased ten-fold. I look awesome. Focus on fitness. Do an hour of walking or running a day, lift some weights, do stretches while waiting for machines (like the coffee to brew, etc.). If you do those things and you feel awesome and your numbers are good and your doc is still on you about your weight, find another doc. Because it doesn’t matter to me what the scale says when I’m pulling on my 33 X 30’s from Duluth Trading with the cavernous pockets and the satisfyingly tough fabric and they’re loose. I get to wear the pants and I feel awesome.

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