Did you know that if you sit long enough at the dinner table with Us All* after dinner plates have been cleared that desert will be put in front of you.  Any kind of desert.  Ice cream.  Cake.  Pie.  Something sweet you didn’t even know was cooking.  A Tupperware of cookies (during desperate times).  As if the meal cannot possibly “be done” if this doesn’t occur.

The alternative is to glance around and wait for everyone to be done.  But don’t be obvious about it.  People don’t like to be rushed.  You also, interestingly enough, cannot rush awkward silence.  But… as soon as the “that was such a good meal” and “thank you for cooking!” is uttered and the forks and knives are crossed on the plates, you can start your silent dessert-avoiding negotiations.  This means, though, that you are either on table-clearing and/or kitchen cleaning duties.  Or, worst case scenario, both, with a side of “Bring the desserts out!  We’ll clean later!”

I’ve started the Whole30 again today.  I decided I would do this back in December, before I know about Dessert Complications.  My mother-in-law has decided to do it with me, but we all know that her version last time involved having “bread only once a week!”



Anyhow.  For those of you keeping track at home, food-wise, today for breakfast I had some black iced coffee and smoothie with some Primal Fuel, spinach, fruit, and whatever else my wife put in it to make it delicious.  Lunch was a spinach salad, two hard boiled eggs, and an avocado.  Tonight’s dinner is pork chops, kale, and apples, with a side of Dessert Avoidance.

Regarding this morning’s smoothie, RR mentioned though that she also “wanted food” for breakfast.
“Mama, this is a drink.  I’d like some food.  Some oatmeal food.”

This will be my first Whole30 going solo.  I was also a little loosey goosey with my dairy last time, so I’ll try to keep that shit in check.  This also means that at the end of January, my bottle of John Bowman will be waiting to give me a big, warm congratulatory hug.

*M, M’s mom (who, admittedly has “issues with food”), M’s dad (who doesn’t talk, except to ask for the salt, pepper, and/or butter), RR (who prefers to be addressed through Mr. Fork or Mr. Spoon, depending on the dinner she’s eating), and Moses (who sits Very Nearby as the Official Dinner Supervisor.)

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  1. If old John Bowman has any trouble waiting for you (is this like a war bride sort of deal?), he can toddle on over to my house for some extra curricular activities. If you catch my drift. Ahem.

  2. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to really relax about their judgements and do what is best for you? Families are typically interested in keeping you like they want you rather than letting you grow. But they can’t actually stop you. Only you can do that. Perhaps once you get past the initial changes and confusion on their part you’ll find it’s easier than you expect. 🙂

    Good luck!

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