I feel like I need to stretch before blogging, it’s seemingly been so long that I’ve written anything, really.  My wife‘s been keeping everyone up to date with a lot of shenanigans.  Her parents moving in with us.  Potty training, and the lack thereof.  Marriage equality (and the lack thereof).  Thanksgiving with my family at the beach.  See?  This is why I love her.  Apparently, when I get overwhelmed with feelings, I just stop talking.  Or I got to shg‘s house to drink.

So I’m back from having so many feelings.  Feelings about flying to Arizona.  Feelings about inducting more friends in the Dead Parent Club (another new member merely a week ago).  Feelings about feelings about Christmas and my mom and RR and my wife and church.

In the meantime, I’ve kept myself busy totally revamping the basement into a semi-finished in-law suite.  I sat in the recliner and imagined myself as my father-in-law, watching Fox News.  I programmed the cable box with all his favorite channels.  I put the end table where I’d want it to be for my coffee/bourbon (his coffee/gin and tonic).  I’m scratching my chin and imagining where the three new cat inhabitants might want to find a litter box.  There’s a bed, a couch, two recliners, two dressers, a desk, and a coffee table.  I feel like, after a good vacuuming, it will be ready.

(Yes, three cats.)

I’m sick and it’s the holidays and so I’m binging on all things sugar-related and alcoholic.  Don’t worry – another Whole30 is coming in January.  Aren’t YOU so lucky?

January will also bring gymnastics classes for RR.  Oh yes.  Y’all, did you know that there are PLACES where you PAY for people to take your kid to a whole other room for AN HOUR while they spin and bounce and roll and jump?  While you fucking finally finish that Candy Crush level?   Holy shitballs.  She tried out a class last Saturday, and nearly before she was done putting her shoes back on, we pawned everything in the house, and signed her up for the remainder of the season (through June).  This, a kid who Can’t Stop Jumping most of the time.  Give that girl a trampoline, for Pete’s sake!

Right.  So now we’re those people sitting on the sidelines during “a lesson.”  Crazy pants.

We also got her 96 hand-carved wooden African animal figurines for Christmas.  For $30 from a lady on CL.  For all those times where she’s not jumping.

That allllll said, I’m reminded every day, however, how lovely my wife is, and how lucky I am to have her.  How smart and charming RR is.  How warm my house is.  How warm my heart is.  Merry Holidays, y’all.

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  1. No offense, but damn, this is a shitty club, good thing there are some good people in it, but damn.

    The animals sound like an ace find. The wooden ones, I mean. Three cats, huh? No boredom nor loneliness, at least.

  2. Argh – I commented from the wedding account – please do not publish it!

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