Today I’ve:

  • Let the dog out at 3am for a random, but apparently urgent need to pee
  • Woken up to horrible cramps and heavy flow
  • Tried to coach (while soothing and encouraging) RR through a constipated bowel movement
  • Given RR half of a suppository due to said constipation
  • Put ear drops in my wife’s ear because she has an ear infection
  • Dropped RR off at school, where she refused to walk in on her own, due to feeling sad (I don’t blame her)
  • Dropped my wife off at the doctor’s office for ear infection (her) and constipation (RR) remedies and treatment suggestions
  • Took my cat to the vet for a vaccine and post-nasal-infection check-up
  • Drove to work
  • Biked from my parking spot to a local sandwich shop, where I bought lunch for myself and my wife
  • Sat down at my desk (now, here at noon)

No one on Facebook needs to know all of this, and Twitter is just too damn limiting in characters.  That said, I need a drink.  Criminy.

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  1. crazybeautifulchronicles

    Drinks Needed ASAP it sounds like!

  2. Have two drinks! That’s a lot for one day!

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