Well here we are.  With our one child.  Moving right along in the world of one-childness.

Have I told you that she’s still not potty trained?  Quick – mask your surprise.  We did get an update this morning that she’s sitting on the potty, wiping, and flushing whenever she changes her diaper at school.  Progress, I suppose?  Nothing ever goes in the potty, mind you.

Did I tell you I was taking a parenting class?  I AM!  It’s offered/sponsored by RR’s school, so every Wednesday night, I sit with around with other parents (usually there’s six-to-eight of us) and we learn from this older southern woman who has never had children, but has been certified in teaching these classes.  She says she’s perfect to teach parenting classes, because she’s uncontaminated.  It’s a STEP class (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting).  I have homework.  And lessons.  And I pay attention and try to tell my wife when I get home everything I learned, and when I do this, I swear I sound crazy and like I’ve spent an hour and a half at some kind of parenting cult class.

Wednesday nights are after Tuesday nights, when I go hang out with eight OTHER people (also parents), drink beer, play instruments, and sing songs (Bob Marley, Queen, Prince, Michael Jackson…).  I’ll be stoked when I only have one weekly obligation.  Phew.

RR moved to a toddler bed this past weekend.  Exactly.  She not once ever tried to get out of her crib, but when she requested last week that all she wanted to do is “go cry in my crib!” well… we figured it was time to give her access.  Cause who doesn’t need a good cry in the bed some days?  The first couple of nights, she woke up a hundred times, but never once got out of the bed.  Just cried until one of us came.  It wasn’t until I turned on the heat (SIGH) and gave her an extra blanket that she stopped waking up.  Whatever, 62 degree thermostat.

So now she can get up and out on her own, which she has only done, so far, in the mornings.  At totally appropriate times.  It is, however, a little like living in a horror movie, as she tends to move slowly and creep around when she does get up, gradually opening doors to say good morning.  Boo!

Gah – is this the most boring post ever?  Maybe.  Rah rah rah.

This weekend is some Fall fun with friends, and then we head out of town to Arizona (ah, warmth!) to celebrate M’s birthday, meet the new baby niece, have Mexican food, and try to ship back as many tortillas that will fit in the suitcase.  Carry on!

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  1. Ohhhh where in Arizona are you headed? I LOVE Sedona. Beautiful place. I bet RR will love the baby!

  2. The best thing we learned at the parent/teacher conference is that Noah, too, is going through the using the potty routine at pre-school and even pees! Poor boy, he has no idea that made us a little more determined to make him to so more at home. Good news is, it worked yesterday afternoon at home, just once. At this pace he might be potty trained by summer 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how different kid personalities can be! My kid is so loud and so active, I can’t imagine him doing anything quietly enough to sneak up on me!
    Yay for progress in potty training!
    Thinking of you guys as you settle into this new plan of one-childness. There are definitely lots of good things about it!

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