Title says it all.  Here we move into another cycle, still with hope that maybe this next kid just REALLY wants to share a birthday with RR.  I mean, if the Universe has its way, it would pull some shit like that.  And considering that my wife’s family and my family tend to pile up the birthdays on the same dates/times of month, it would all make sense.

So here we go.  Again.  C’mon Universe.  Don’t be an asshole.

On other fronts, we’re done travelling until November, thank goodness.  Then it’s a long weekend in Arizona followed be a week-long jaunt to the beach for Thanksgiving.  We hit up the amusement park a couple of times this past weekend, and connected with my family for some fun-with-cousins.  I never had cousins growing up, but M says that you do stuff like … go to amusement parks together.  Fancy that!  We’re doing it right!

I’m reminded of RR’s young and tender age when, at the end of the Elmo On Stage Dance Party, her poor sad face melted into a pile of tears, quietly sobbing into M’s shoulder, “But I need him to come baaaaaack.”  Oh honey.

Full Week Two of Montessori started today.  After we dropped my wife off of work, RR and I had a pep talk in which we vowed to conquer Tuesday.  There was shouting and fist-pumping.  She confidently told me that she wouldn’t cry at drop-off (which she didn’t) and that she would pee in the potty (I will believe it when I see it).

I have a massive list in my head of things I need to do at my house.  There’s cleaning and spackling involved.  Who is coming to help?  Not everyone at once, now…

For your patience, here is a picture of RR with Grover this past weekend.  She spoke to him like they were kindred spirits.  She then told him to have a nice day.  That said, please note the MANIA in her eyes.



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  1. Was just thinking of you all today and wondering what the latest was in terms of ttc. Fingers crossed for this next cycle!!

  2. When I was little I’d cry when Charlie Brown shows were over, because they were over.

  3. My sisters & I all have the same birthday week. My husband & daughter have the same one now. So it absolutely makes sense. Everything is crossed.

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