I may have been more nervous about RR’s first day of Montessori than she was.  This was evident by the fact that I packed her lunch this morning before I even made my coffee.  For really real.

Here’s what she took to school:


All delicious things, according to RR.  Here we have four peeled and sliced cucumbers, a handful of grapes (halved), six black olives (halved), 1/4 of a pink lady apple, and a half of a peanut butter sandwich.  I KNOW.  PEANUT BUTTER!  Honestly, one of the best things about her class is the lack of any peanut allergies among her classmates.  Now if any of y’all have peanut allergy kids, I will seriously still love them SO much.  But when we were all sitting in the orientation, and not one parent raised their “my kid has a peanut allergy” hand, we all did a little dance.  There may have been high-fives.

I digress.

So those are all things she loves.  Besides yogurt.  And ice cream.  Duh.

They will send any uneaten food back with her this afternoon, so we’ll see if I passed the “pack your kid’s lunch” parenting test!

The container on the left is this one, which was on sale at the Harris Teeter.  We picked up every damn container in the aisle, and she could open this one by herself.  Hot damn.  The ones on the right and inside the green one are from this Rubbermaid LunchBlox kit, which she totally can’t open herself if you gave her a chainsaw, but she has to learn those skills somewhere!  Container-opening… not chainsawing.  Well… maybe chainsawing next year.

Oh!  And (no, they are not paying me to post this), but holy awesomeness for this company called name bubbles.  I made an ass-ton of sticker labels for RR – for her clothes, and containers, and lunch box, and shoes, and I may have put one on her forehead this morning, too.  I already need to order more clothes stickers, since she’s going to school straight up in panties this week.  We sent her to school practically with four weeks worth of shorts this morning.  We’ll see how THAT goes.  She was there from 9am-11am on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and came home with four soiled sets of shorts/panties.  Gah.  WHOLE OTHER POST.

Anyhow – drop-off has been awesome.  This morning, she hugged and kissed both of us, totally tear-less and happy.  My wife and I walked away, got to the car, and looked a little like this:


Happy Friday, folks!


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  1. that’s the most adorable little lunch ever. Hope she had a great day!

  2. crazybeautifulchronicles

    Hope she had a fabulous first day!

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