Pumpkin Trouble

But not really.  As we sit here at CD03, let me amuse you with a vignette from today:

We picked RR up around 10:40am to take her to her 11am ENT appointment a few miles away to have the doctor check on her ear tubes.  Fast forward to 11:30am** when we are dropping her back off at school.

RR bounds through the front doors, down the hall, past the front desk where she stops for a minute to show a few staff folks some of her tap-dancing.  Yes, really.

RR races through the second set of doors, and screeches to a halt at her classroom door.  She turns the handle and bounces (literally) inside, being, quite possibly, as disruptive as humanly possible.  We ask her to go sit with her friends, who are all sitting on the carpet in a circle, listening to one of the teachers read a book.

Actually, the CD player was reading a book.  But the teacher was holding it up and turning pages.  Weird.  Anyway, as soon as she heard the CD man’s voice, stopped RR in her tracks.

Her body stopped bouncing, her face got very serious, and she said, with the most seriousness that she could possibly muster, “You’re reading Pumpkin Trouble?”  In a way that conveyed some kind of left-outedness.  Like, that’s my JAM, friends.

She swiftly walked over to the carpet and planted her butt beside her friends.

It was sweet.  I don’t know what the heck Pumpkin Trouble is, but apparently RR is a big fan.

The End.

Oh, and for reading this, here is a picture of me feeding a giraffe.  They have very long tongues.  You’re welcome.


**I am still amazed at how quickly it takes us to go from here to there and back sometimes in this city.  After living somewhere where every damn trip in the car took hours, being able to get my kid back and forth from a doctor’s appointment clear across down… man, that will never get old.

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  1. Giraffe tongues are gross. One of the many lovely scenes we’ve seen at various zoos was three giraffes standing around all tonging each other. Weird. Just thought I’d share that. heh.

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