OK, first, y’all are amazing present suggesters.  I’m seriously coming to all of you every time I’m stumped with a gift idea.  The people I give gifts to are going to be so excited.

The best suggestion (echoed by a lot of you) was SO GOOD I think we’re gonna save it up as a Christmas present.  Because what 3 and 1/2 year old wouldn’t want to wake up to some tent/tunnel extravaganza in front of the fireplace!?  Hot damn!

For her birthday, we’re going half present/half experience.  The present half is in the form of a water table.  This, for the child who is terrified of water getting in her eyes, but still loves to splash in water.  She has a sandbox, which she loves, so we’re hoping that this will be a complimentary accessory for RR to play with while my wife and I lounge on the swinging shaded bench in the back yard sipping lemonade.  Ahhhh.

The experience half will be taking her to a nearby(ish) zoo, which, we hear, is kind of low-key.  Low-key is RR’s speed, for sure.  We also hear there’s giraffes to feed.  I might be more excited that she will be.  I love a giraffe, y’all.

Of course, what she WANTS is “cake and ice cream.”  That, we can do.  Sold, kid!

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  1. That sounds like a great birthday! My son has that water table and loves it! Just make sure you and the wife aren’t sipping lemonade in the splash zone because she will get you! Happy birthday RR! Can’t wait to see how she likes the zoo.

  2. I think I know which zoo you are talking about – and feeding the giraffes is great fun no matter what your age!!

  3. Our pals have that water table and love it! Bug also hates water in the eyes, especially during head-washing, UNLESS he splashed himself outdoors in which case it’s fine. Kids are so weird sometimes.


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