Two Moms Sing Along

When I was young (say, anytime between 1st and 6th grade) my mom would visit my science class at school once every year.  As a biology teacher, she would bring the human skeleton from her high school department to my elementary school for a bit of science show-and-tell.  The best part is that she transported it from school to school in the passenger’s seat of her car.  Often with its arm out the window.

A lot of kids remembered me as the daughter of the cool lady who brought the skeleton to school.  As I was formerly known as “Is That a Boy or a Girl?” I appreciated the upgrade in recognition and slight change in status due to my association.

This morning, in (hopefully) a similar act of coolness, my wife and I were featured as the start to RR’s school Summer Camp.  As you can see below:


(Note: We did not participate in Crazy Hair Day)

First off, there is a whole world of love surrounding the blatancy of Ruby’s Very Plural Moms.

We started doing this really low-key music thing back when she was an infant.  We would go to her tiny baby infant class and sing kid’s songs while they sat there like gorgeous fat baby lumps.  I would strum my guitar, and my wife would help with hand motions.  Then we came back a couple of years ago and played for the whole school, which they broke up into two sections – the toddlers and two’s, and then the pre-K kids.  RR was just barely a toddler then, and kind of sat there staring at us.  It was a total success and definitely sparked this whole interest for me in making children’s music.

They asked us to play again this year and we did a similar set-up with the two kids in two groups.  Maybe 70 kids overall?  We came prepared with a set-list:


We even did a dry run last night in the kitchen while my wife made us some stuffed mushrooms.  We practiced quietly, while RR was playing by herself in the other room, since she can kind of be a music buzzkill if she’s not feeling it (i.e. PUT DOWN THE GUITAR MAMA!).  We went through transitions (“They’ll be sitting during these… standing during these…”, “What order to things come on the the bus?  Wheels, then.. wipers.. then ?”)

If we’re gonna be some blatant GAY MOMS singing… then man, we were gonna put on a tight show!

Since today was Summer T-Shirt Day (duh, read the calendar), all of the kids were dressed in green summer camp t-shirts. Including RR, who did a double-take when she saw us.  Oh hi.  What?  Mamas?!  HI HI!


RR enjoying herself

I tell you, man.  We rocked both classes.  And my wife is an absolute brilliance with children.  Holy cow, they love her.  I can strum and sing and banter some, but they eat that lady up.  We even did a new (to us) song called Down By The Station that we had never heard of, but is apparently a classroom favorite.  I played that clip the other night to hear how it went, and Ruby just about lost her shit from the other room.  My wife also facilitated a badass toddler version of Making It Rain.

They were attentive and well-behaved.  Engaged and enthusiastic.  They sang and danced and did hand motions.  And if you’re losing faith in humanity, just ask 70 kids if they’re happy and they know it to shout “Hooray!”  And then get practically knocked down by the volume.

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  1. Come to my class any time…

  2. You guys are awesome! I’m with starrhillgirl, ya’ll need to go on the road! Yogi and his class would LOVE plural Moms singing. 🙂

  3. Awww! This sounds fabulous!

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