Donor #2 (who looks more like me… sort of like a leprechaun with brown hair) is ordered and making his trek to our town as we speak.

We start monitoring OPK’s next week, with an eye around the 15th-18th for the go-ahead smiley.

This cycle, we’re doing two IUI’s back-to-back – one the day of the OPK change, and one the day after.

May the waiting continue to go by swiftly!

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  1. I’m new to all this. Are you finding the OPKs helpful? What brand are you using? Did the doctor recommend it?

  2. Oh, and what app are you guys using?

    • Answers! (and Hi! and Welcome!)

      iPhone/iPad App:
      My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker
      By MedHelp

      OPK’s are essential to the whole “spontaneous IUI”‘s – which basically means, just tracking your cycle and ovulation (as opposed to taking fertility medicine and medicinally triggering ovulation). If you’re at all regular in your cycle, then you’re one step ahead in this whole process! So basically, you track your cycle, then, around day 8-10 or so, you start peeing on OPK sticks. When your body is ready to release an egg, the stick will detect a rise in LH levels in your urine, and the kit will tell you you’re about to ovulate.

      We use these kinds:
      Clearblue One–Month Digital Ovulation Kit
      It worked in predicting ovulation with me (result – RR.. ta daa!!) and, though we’re not pregnant yet with #2, it’s been effective in predicting my wife’s ovulation as well.

      We didn’t have an app back in 2009 (the olden days), but the doctor recommended the OPK’s for both me and my wife.

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