Paleo Update

So it’s been nearly three months since we wrapped up The Whole 30 (v2.0), and while we’re not officially off the wagon, we had some setbacks.  These were mostly in the form of visitors.  Though we LOVE visitors, they tend to come in waves upon waves upon tsunamis, and then we’ve started attending the Church of Oreo without even realizing it.  It IS such a delicious faith…

Visitors are kind of like a holiday.  An exception.  A “I don’t want to make you eat like us” kind of world.  Because not everyone loves spaghetti squash when they could have spaghetti pasta.  And convincing a non-believer than spaghetti squash is just as good as spaghetti pasta is damn near impossible (although it totally is).  Because eating paleo for more than 2.5 people gets expensive very quickly, when you’re buying meat meat meat.

And then someone buys a package of cookies and a 12 pack of Pepsi, and you’re like, “WHATEVER!  I’M ON VACATION!”  But you’re not.  It’s like, late April.

Then there’s the whole knock-over-the-head realization of Sugar = Drug = I feel SO much better, Ahhh.

We recovered and detoxed from one visit, only to get hit by another few visitors back-to-back, and suddenly, I’m actually excited when RR’s not interested in her peanut butter sandwich, cause then I get to eat it.  It’s a slippery slope.

This week, we had good intentions.  But then this week is for shit.   There’s the whole bit about not being pregnant, followed by my wife’s super long busy week, and the last adult music class last night (AKA SO MUCH BEER).

This is all to say that eating paleo, although delicious, rewarding, and cleansing, is as hard as it is easy.  Or, rather, willpower is hard.  Walking by the bagel place that sells steaming, hot, fresh cinnamon raisin bagels… and walking… and walking… is actually the hard part.  This isn’t to say that I sometimes lose.  That I find myself in the grocery store picking up an oven pizza, chips and salsa, a pint of ice cream, and some Pinwheels, happens because THIS WEEK IS HARD.

But!  The part where we are still members of the Church of Paleo is when I realize that I don’t like sugar in my coffee anymore.  That a larabar is more delicious than a hot bagel, and makes me feel less like crap.  That I want to go to the gym in the afternoon and not feel lethargic and wanting to nap on the sit-up bench.

I could easily give up.  But then I’d easily be 50 pounds heavier.  (No, really)  It’s not about looking better in jeans, it’s being alive longer, and keeping up with my VERY.  FAST.  toddler.  So I’ll keep walking past the bagel shop, but not every day will it be easy, or will I be happy about it.  Still yet – has to be done.

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  1. Well, you know I hear you, and I’m on a similar path. At the end of the day, I don’t think it matters which particular eating style we adopt, so long as we don’t eat a standard American diet and so long as we exercise. But…I did want to share that I never buy meat, meat, meat and I have lost 150 lbs and am maintaining that loss and I’m zipping around with phenomenal health, clear skin, huge energy, and no sign of the depression hat’s dogged me for decades. So meat, meat, meat is an option, but far from the only one if it’s too expensive. I eat exclusively veggies, fruits, and beans. I have a huge (think huge) bowl of crock-pot bean soup for breakfast with two pieces of fruit, a huge (massive) salad for lunch with three pieces of fruit, and then some kind of bean and veggie Mexican thing or maybe a veggie stir fry for dinner with maybe four more pieces of fruit. I slow jog three miles per day. Despite the constant babbling in today’s world about how much sugar fruit has, etc., I am staying at a constant, healthy weight eating this way and I am never hungry. I’m not trying to say paleo = bad and my way = good. I’m just pointing out that there are a lot of ways to eat healthfully and it took me a while to throw away the books and programs and to figure out how to eat in a way that is healthy for ME and that works for ME and that I like. Maybe instead of soda you have some pineapple? It works for me…the sweetness of the pineapple can’t be beat by the most high fructose corn syrup added beverage, and the pineapple leaves me healthy and energetic.

    I do avoid, at all costs, white sugar and flour, because I’m an addict. They are like booze to an alcoholic to me…one candy is too many and ten gazillion pounds of sugar is never enough.

    Anyway, good luck. And I am really hoping for you guys… 🙂

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