CD01 v2.0

So we didn’t test on Friday.  We actually agreed on Friday that we’d test Monday morning if she hadn’t started bleeding by then, because bleeding is a much nicer way to find out you’re not pregnant than some crap-ass pregnancy test.  In the end, her instincts were correct.

I admit – I had a lot of hope.  I still kind of recall reading those cooky message board posts from people who were medical anomalies, with their pregnancies despite negative tests and bleeding.  Google, you so crazy!  As an aside, testing in the morning is just about as awful as an idea as ever.  Good morning!  You’re not pregnant!  Carry on!  Have a pleasant day!  I kind of wish it had a more Magic 8-Ball reaction… like, “Try again next month!” or “Outlook not so good.”

There was some spotting yesterday, followed by more aggressive bleeding today, and a negative pregnancy test to boot!  So we can all agree to call IUI#1 a bust in baby-making.

After some paperwork this week, we will ship donor #2 to the lab and hope for another try in a couple of weeks.  The “good” news is that at least she started bleeding and we didn’t get into a weird place where she tested negative AND her period packed up and left, saying “fuck this shit!”  So yay AND boo for CD01.

Try #2 is underway, in as much as it can be as you’re waiting for someone to stop bleeding and ovulate.  Right?

As sad as I am that RR won’t have a genetically-linked sibling, donor #2 really seems to be a great fit to our family.  Isn’t it nice when that happens?  I don’t remember it being this hard to pick a donor last time, but this time, we went through a metric ton of options.  One donor we overlooked a few times eventually out-awesomed everyone else in a way that made us wonder why we had ever overlooked him in the first place.

Onward we go.  In the meantime, it’s Saturday night and I’m eating ice cream and watching My Cat From Hell.  We all cope in our own ways, right?

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