Pay To The Order Of: SEMEN

If I never write another check to a lab for the storage of semen, I will be eternally grateful.  (Who still writes checks?  Me, that’s who.)

For nearly four years, every single month, I’ve written a check to store the last vial of our donor.  That amount of money could have taken us on vacation.  Or remodeled part of our house.  Or paid off some debt.  Or two months of RR’s school.  Or replaced the remaining five windows in our house.  Or bought endless amounts of grass-fed beef.  Mmmm.

So many times over the past three years, we’ve balanced our household budget, and groaned over that pesky vial and its place in our monthly finances.  We downgraded our cable.  We adjusted the thermostat to keep the utilities down.  We financed our mortgage.  We debated several times whether or not we should get rid of it.  It wasn’t an astronomical charge, but it was consistently there, with no end in sight.

I think I was hoarding it because I didn’t know if I was ready to not be pregnant again.  But it seems right after I decided that I didn’t need to be pregnant again (a whole other post), my wife was ready.  It’s the one time in my life that holding onto something that didn’t have an immediate use has paid off.

We’re 8DPO over here.  We’re waiting.  We’re anxious, but trying to relax.  (HA!)  We’re still hopeful.  We honestly have no reason to NOT be hopeful.  We’re having visitors this upcoming long weekend, and we’re hopeful that they will take our mind off of being anxious and waiting.

If this cycle doesn’t work out, we’ll try again next month with a new donor, but only buying as much as we need, per cycle.  Less economical up front, perhaps, but more economical in the long run, so that we don’t find ourselves in the same spot, both financially and, well, emotionally.  My semen-check-writing days could be officially over.  Hallelujah.



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