It’s, like, science…

On one hand, I can’t believe how people ever get pregnant at all.  In fact, this morning, looking at my nearly three year old, the science and biology of it all that created her is unfathomable.  After watching this video (aka fertilization), I have no idea how sperm ever reach the fucking egg.  I mean, c’mon now.  How many start?  How many get to it?  Good LORD people!  TURN AWAY, WIFE!

I feel GREAT about at least getting them past that pesky cervix trap.

On the other hand, there are so many teenagers who get pregnant just by holding hands.  Am I right?

Watching this video (aka ovulation) was like, magic yesterday.  I’m not sure where I stopped paying attention in sex education class, or biology (sorry mom, the biology teacher), but I’m sorry, what?  The Fallopian tubes are like little creepy come-hither fingers gathering the egg, which is like, floating around out there?

This is all to say that not only am I ridiculously grateful for RR (and any creation of life at ALL.. babies, puppies, kittens), but I am preferring to believe that the sperm placed beyond my wife’s cervix is making an easy trip running the gauntlet up to her egg, which got creepily snatched up by her tube.  That so many got there, that they have to sperm-wrestle who gets to fertilize.  That, two weeks from now, we will be reporting back the best of news.

I have so much hope.  So much.


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  1. Fingers crossed for you ladies!!

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