Right Here Looks Nice

This is what I would rather be doing right now.  Wouldn’t you?


They just installed a new playground at the park about a 1/2 mile from our house.  Last Sunday, while my wife was out and about with her parents, I took RR there to shake loose her running jollies.  The walk to the park and back is not far, but there is an incline and a street to run across without looking cross while holding hands.  Getting to the park and being AT the park are a most delightful experience – slides, swings, mulch to swim in.  Coming back, however, RR is spent with exhaustion and is liable to just sit down in the middle of the road sidewalk to rest a spell and gather her strength to make the trek back home.

She also does this in shopping centers.

And grocery stores.

Any place, really, where she feels like she might need just a moment being flat on the ground.

Sometimes, like Sunday, she’ll plant herself on the ground, kicking and laughing.  I wish I could bottle that shit up and take a big swig.  Instead, I suppose I’ll continue to live vicariously through her infectious exuberance.


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