Helloooo Semen!

This morning, after dropping RR off at school, I drove to the Reproductive Center and Lab to drop off some paperwork in advance of next week’s visit with the RE.  There’s a point in the road where you either turn left or right into two separate parking lots that service two office buildings.  The right turn takes you to the building that houses the Reproductive Center (along with an outpatient clinic, breast care center, etc.).  The left turn takes you to the building that houses the OBGYN’s office (among a few other offices).  Ironic, hm?

The last time we went into the reproductive building was a couple of years ago.  We dropped by the center to show off a picture of RR and say our hello’s to the nice staff.

I drove up today and parked in the same spot we used to park in nearly four years ago (*cough* FOUR YEARS AGO).  Heading into the building, the front desk man looked at me like he wanted to ask me if I needed help.  No, sir.  I know exactly where I’m going.

Out of the elevator, I walked down the hall to the lab (a separate office from where the center and RE’s work), and opened the door to find the teeny tiny waiting room, and two nice full-body-lab-coated ladies behind the counter and a sliding glass window.  Cue: stomach butterflies.

One of the ladies opened the window and we had a brief chat about what paperwork I was dropping off.  I, kind of awkwardly, said, “I’m here to drop off these papers… to transfer the ownership of my semen to my partner.”   I admit – I kind of wanted to poke my head through the window and shout while waving, “Helloooooo semen!!”  Somehow, I resisted.

She said, “Oh! OK!” and looked over the paperwork to make sure everything was complete.  I had forgotten how friendly these people are.  How hopeful their faces are.  How they make (scientific) magic happen every day.  So many butterflies!

So step one of the process, transferring my semen (half of RR’s tiny little genetic make-up) to my wife:  Complete.

I walked back to the car and drove away, zipping down the highway (late for work), sunroof open, trees lining the Blue Ridge with their yellow-green tips growing the starts of leaves.  I am full of hope and promise and excitement.


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  1. I hope that “Transfer Semen” was on a checklist somewhere, just so that you can mark it off.

    Good luck!

  2. This is the most awesome post title ever.

  3. If only giving our wives our semen were that easy! I’m excited for you ladies. Here’s to knocking up your wife quickly!

  4. I am so very incredibly excited about this for the two of you! I think when M posted her blog I simply responded with something like ‘wow’ because I couldn’t articulate my excitement, but I just went a little gaga over this this next/first step.
    I tried to explain it to The Doc, why I’m so excited that two people I never met who live on a different continent to me made the decision to have another baby, why I feel like it’s two close friends who just made the announcement (despite the fact I’d barely recognise you if you knocked in to me in the street.)
    The doc doesn’t do blogs, she wouldn’t know a blog if it knocked in to her in the street! I’ll get her on it some day, when it’s our turn 😉

    • Thank you thank you!! I know – you friends of ours are oftentimes more close friends than the real life friends we see every day. How nice is that? What I would give to run into y’all in the street! Sigh. I went a little gaga myself having something so REAL to write about. Talking about it, and actually going through a step towards the process is exhilarating!

  5. Woohoo! That’s exciting! Sorry you didn’t get a chance to say hi to the swimmers…

  6. I meant to say this to your last post, but I’ll say it to this one instead: Awesome! We are so excited for you guys.

    Also, yay for signing over sperm! Oddly enough, we have some vials listed in my name, and some in PB’s name, in storage at a local facility. Apparently some of them were transferred from the bank we got them from addressed to me, and some were transferred addressed to PB. We’ve been assured that they’re all hanging out together, though, and that either of us can access all of them. It’s a slightly weird system, though.

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