Finger Guns

FingerGunsSo I also had a job interview yesterday in which, I MAY have used my finger guns.  OK, not REAL finger guns (I don’t think?), but I was totally finger gunning in my head.

The job is kind of a long shot.  To be honest, I kind of forgot I applied for it, it was such a long shot.  I’m KINDA qualified, and the first candidates that they had KINDA sucked, so I’m in the round two of candidates that have “potential.”  Yay for potential.

They admitted that I was their “wild card” candidate, which is sort of awesome.  In everyone’s recognition that I was the underdog, it really broke down those walls of typical communication that folks usually exchange in an interview.  You know, kind of like how alcohol breaks down that wall so that you go talk to that cute girl in the corner.  Hence, the finger guns.  Oh, and that moment where the HR lady scratched out an ENTIRE paragraph of questions, and said under her breath (but very nicely), “Yeah, we don’t need to ask any of these questions…”

I’m usually a disaster in interviews anyway.  Lord, I have no idea how I’ve ever landed a job without some kind of insider something.  I get nervous.  I talk too fast, about too much, for way too long.  It’s not something I’m proud of.

In my current job (and “career path” if you will), which is a far cry from terrible, I’m kind of maxed out in how far I can take it, how much I can learn, and where else I could move within my organization.  The 15% of the job I do now is the 100% of the duties for the potential new job.  They wanted someone with 100% of the skills, but didn’t get that.  So now they’e looking for people with SOME percentage, but I don’t know if 15% is enough, really.  It means that they would have to invest some serious time and effort to get that 85% increase out of me.  I’m totally willing, it’s just a matter of whether or not they are.

That said, I think I won some bonus points for being willing to interview the day they contacted me about the job.  Thank God I looked nice yesterday and not like a hobo.  Score!

**Edit:  Here at 3:30pm EST, they emailed to see if they could check references.  What?!  FINGER GUNS!**

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  1. Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. WOOHOO, good luck!!

  3. Well, that’s pretty darn neat! (I empathize on the bad interview thing. I can always feel the word vomit churning, but can’t stop it.)

  4. Awesome!

    Personally, I have an unfortunate honest streak that sometimes gets in the way of my interviewing. Fortunately, I think my current boss more or less appreciates it, or is at least similar enough that it doesn’t bother him too much.

    • Right. That! I just conveniently forget things like.. tact.

      • Tact is just not saying true things, right? Right?

        At least I’m a bit better than my father, who once told his boss that if he (the boss) wanted a yes man, he should go to a pet store and get a parrot, because my father was not going to be filling that role. (Although, to be fair, this was not at a job interview.)

  5. Eeek!!! Fingers crossed!

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