So we’re back from our whirlwind adventure Northward.  We were on a pretty tight schedule to get everywhere we needed to go, and do all the things in between.  We left Saturday around noon, and returned Tuesday night at 11pm.  In that time, we went to the Baltimore Aquarium, the Philadelphia Zoo, my wife went to a two-day conference in Philadelphia, celebrated the end of the Whole30 with bourbon and a chocolate Zeppoli, and spent approximately ten hours travelling by car, start to finish.

We also spent many long, long spans of time following RR’s tiny and slow footsteps along city blocks, and explaining red lights versus green lights, and the orange hand versus the white walking man.  To make city blocks go faster, RR did her best impersonation of a bag of awkward shifting bricks while sitting on my hip.  Or, better, sitting on my shoulders and holding onto my earlobes for support and balance.

There were only a few meltdowns, mostly caused by pushing her too close to naptime or bedtime.  Don’t get between RR and her need to sleep.  We got back to the hotel Saturday night, and before you could say “pajamas” she was trying to climb in the crib to go to bed.  She’s never been a good car sleeper, so when we got back late Tuesday night, it was like carrying a wide-eyed zombie into the house.

The highlight of the trip was hands-down the aquarium.  Mostly, the dolphins.  This video doesn’t even come close to capturing RR’s enthusiasm and mania during the dolphin shows.  The clapping.  The splashing.  The screeching (RR, not the dolphins).  The encouraging shouts, “Good job, dolphins!” says RR.

She’s always liked an aquarium – from the one in the Outer Banks to the one in Monterey, CA – she has a special place for them in her heart.  Zoos?  Not so much.  Seriously – despite the Philadelphia Zoo being totally underwhelming, not to mention largely under construction, even the animals that were there made little impressions on RR.  She DID really enjoy the flamingos, and spent a lot of time standing on one leg just like them.  But the zebras?  Whatever.  She’d MUCH rather stomp in all of the puddles than see a zebra.

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  1. Wow, sounds like quite a trip! It’s always fun to put lots of time and energy into getting a kid someplace cool and then finding out they’re way more interested in things like puddles (or, in our case, piles of gravel) than in whatever you’ve brought them to see.

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