Day 19

Whole30: Day19

This morning, I watched RR eat an entire hard-boiled egg, one tiny bite at a time, yolk and all.  I was so proud.

Also, I’m seriously grateful that we have power, and feel a little bad for complaining as much as I did for the, like six, hours it was out in our house.  I know some folks who may not get it back on until Sunday night, and that seems just plain shitty.

Breakfast sounds like a broken record – eggs (scrambled) and 1/2 a banana, with black coffee.  Try to keep your jealousy at bay.  Lunch was leftover Lime and Basil Beef Kebabs, which we had last night along with green beans, and mangoes that we tried to eat sneakily before RR noticed and ate them all.  Tonight, dinner is TBD, since it was supposed to be slow-cooker chicken, but we ate that when we lost power.  So… uh, plan B.

What else?  Oh, I was super handy last night and installed RR’s new bike seat on the back of my wife’s bike.  Hopefully, since the weather this weekend is supposed to be nice, we’ll get the chance to break it in.

Oh, and apparently RR is ready for dinner at 6:30pm SHARP every night, folks.  EVERY. NIGHT.  I don’t know how she’s gonna manage this whole Springing forward bit, so we’ll have to see about that.  But every night, it’s a race to get dinner on the table for all of us at 6:30pm, since that’s when she shows up into the kitchen and says, “It’s time for dinner.”  And then she climbs in her chair at the table.  It’s like living with royalty.  Well, royalty who likes to eat with her hands and won’t pee in the potty, but whatever.

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  1. Oh, my god. Thank you for that recipe! Those sound so good I’m making them tomorrow!! (Okay, not tomorrow. We have date night plans. Not Sunday either. That’s fast-dinner day. Monday! I’ll make them Monday!)

    Seriously they sound delish. Yumyumyum.

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