Day 16

Whole30: Day 16

OK – so posts I owe you, so far, are one about clothing and one about my blossoming children’s music career (I will give you a teaser here with two ROUGH tracks so far).  Oh, and one amazing post about how much I love my wife, in response to hers today, which cannot possibly be as amazing.  No way.  Impossible.

OK back to food.  Thin pork chops, kale chips, and sweet potatoes last night for dinner.  The kale chips are amazing – everything else was delicious, but nothing is really as delicious as those 50/50 were.  I’m afraid those burgers set the delicious bar way too high.

Cantaloupe, eggs, and bacon for breakfast this morning, all while boiling some eggs to have with our salads at lunch time, along with some chicken.  That seems wrong, no?  Oh, and a banana!  Which is like, paleo candy.

Anniversary dinner tonight will be NY Strip Steak with mushrooms.  Hot damn.

There’s also apparently some wackadoo crazy snowstorm coming in tonight, too?  Talk to me about snow in January, when I could be appropriately excited about it.  Snow in March just makes me, and my daffodils, cranky.  At least we still have our Hurricane Sandy preparations, plus a ton of food that we could grill outside or eat raw if we lose power.  It’s not like the ice cream will go bad.  HA!

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  1. did you know you could bake eggs instead of boiling?! their delish!! google it 😀

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