OK, so I admit that I cannot possible be as awesome as my wife today.  She wins the “Most Wonderful Wife” award.  Yet another reason I am so happy to be married to her.

She is patient and understanding, and what she didn’t tell you is that, moments after our vows and rings and cake and candle-lighting and first-dancing, I promptly fell asleep in our honeymoon house, on our honeymoon bed.

The night before, I had booked a show with my band.  A show that went until 3am or some ungodly hour.  Although the show was unremarkable, I remember sitting outside of the venue drinking beer out of a paper bag, toasting with my band-mates as they threw me an impromptu bachelor party.  The next day, after packing, driving, racing down to the shore, I passed out from a combination of exhaustion and bliss.

My wife, though, is supportive.  She always has been.  Of my wild and crazy dreaming.  Of my late night rock bands shenanigans.  Of believing me when I say things like, “Well, sure.  I’ll have a baby for us”  and “I’m going downstairs to rearrange the furniture again.”  Of ALWAYS being appropriately excited when I look a her for approval of said shenanigans.

When she came to my show 15 years ago, I immediately knew who she was in the audience.  She doesn’t remember that the show was awful.  Or that I could have cared less about who I THOUGHT I had cared about before I saw her.  If there is love at first sight, this was it.  But then she was gone.  But then she was BACK!  And then she said, “yes” early that Christmas morning.

Mostly, I’m so happy that she makes my heart flutter, eight… 15… years later.  She has a smile that warms me.  She’s still my love at first sight.  We’ve been through so many hard times together, and she’s been my steady support throughout it all.  I always believe that since we’re in this life together, things will always be OK.  And that, my friends, make me one lucky person.

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  1. Two. Two lucky people 🙂

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