Day 13

Whole30: Day 13

Howdy from Saturday night, which currently consists of me watching some trashy TV (my wife is out for her once-a-month social obligation), still content from tonight’s dinner, which was leftover slow-cooker pork, curried sweet potatoes, and mashed plantains. RR was a delightful dinner companion, as she typically is, and had Spaghetti-O’s (“more meatballs, please”), watermelon, pears, and a bite of curried sweet potatoes that was chewed and then spat out.  Always worth a try.

Grocery shopping this morning (duh) and we stocked up for the week AND ate lunch at the grocery store.  Double win!  I’m planning on taking a picture of our fridge, pantry, and counter to kind of show you what things look like here.  Fair warning – there are a LOT of eggs.  And some Diet Cokes hiding in the way way way back – waiting for the Whole30 to end.

Really, Saturday mornings beat the hell out of us – between music class and tackling grocery stores with the child WHO WILL NOT STAY IN A CART FOR HER LIFE, it’s exhausting.  I’m surprised we don’t ALL go down for a nap when RR does.  But we wind down, for sure.  And a couch nap isn’t totally unheard of.

Day 13 and I think all of the bad juju from the gluten and sugar in my previous world has finally flushed itself out.  I can see bones in my hands again. I feel less bloated and puffy.  I’m generally less grouchy.  I’m sleeping like the dead.  It’s delightful.

It still hard to fake-eat the Ritz cracker that RR insists that I eat.  That’s still totally hard.  Cause that shit is tasty!  And dude, that kid is cute.  It’s like a double-whammy.

Now for more trashy TV and equally-trashy internet surfing.  Lucky me!


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  1. Hi, Just letting you know someone is reading and enjoying your posts. We do our weight loss differently – I’m a nutritarian, which means I eat almost entirely fruit, with a very little meat and a lot of salad but no dairy, no oil, no processed foods. But I think it’s all the same, basically, once you decide to opt out of the standard American diet. I’m still maintaining my weight loss of 150 lbs, and I seem to have stabilized at between 150 and 160. But I’d been at the upper end of 150’s for a bit and had slipped into having more and more protein instead of fruits and veg, so I’ve reduced my intake and cleaned things up again for thirty days, along with you. I love the less-bloated feeling and isn’t it funny when you discover bones you didn’t know you had? Like hands and wrists. My newest discovery is hip bones. Who knew?! Keep going…thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading!! Hip bones! Crazy! And hand bones!

      Good on you for getting the weight off and keeping it off! “Whole foods” seem to be the residing theme here – foods you could find in the wild and cook and eat. No one ever picked a piece of bread off of a tree. 😉

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