Day 11

Whole30: Day 11

Standing in the kitchen at 9pm last night, my wife and I had both made it through hours 8pm-9pm, which are the hardest for me, since it’s the time where I typically go sugar-shopping in the kitchen.  We had filled the slow-cooker with a whole chicken (picked free of half of its meat), carrots, celery, onions, and herbs?  And water?  And other things that make it turn into bone broth.  We turned that sucker on to cook overnight, and then started discussions about tonight’s dinner.

We hadn’t really made a menu for the week, which would have nearly killed us last time we did Whole30, but this time, we had a paleo fridge and pantry stocked, our arsenal ready for battle.  We decided to make a meat/tomato sauce in the slow cooker in the morning to cook during the day, and make with spaghetti squash tonight.  It was a relatively sane conversation, considering I had just contemplated going to bed at 8:15pm earlier, since I was dying of temptation.  Dying.

It must be like how chronic depression people feel.  The folks who just want to sleep all day.  Seriously – the consideration of sleeping as a means to keep myself from shoving myself full of crap food seems like a great and effective coping method.  If you’re asleep, you can’t think about how you’re not eating a plate of brownies.

Anyhow, so this morning, we made sauce.  This is the part about the Whole30 that makes you seem a little crazy.  The slow-cooker usage overnight, followed by using it the next morning before it’s even cleaned.  The browning of ground beef before 8am.  The constant chopping of onions, garlic, and inventory and thawing of freezer meats.  It does make your house smell good, though.

It also makes you wish you had, like, three slow cookers.

Oh, and speaking of bone broths, my wife’s use of it last night in making collard greens made them taste SO GOOD that RR ate two fork-fulls.  Then she complained about it being too chewy.  But still!  Two bites is better than no bites!  This was after some decent amount of convincing, some downright ignoring, and “cheers-ing” our collard forks together to make collards seem SO EXCITING.  Cause really, how DO you make collards exciting?  I’m all ears.

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  1. My husband LOVES collards. He swears collards pair wonderfully with generous amounts of hot pepper vinegar sprinkled on top. Which might not be up RR’s alley just yet….

    I made a black eye pea, ham & collard soup for new years that was divine and for once I really liked collards. I also found a recipe for a Jamaican style fried rice that used collards (when I sent said husband to the store, he completely ignored my directive that one bunch of collards was sufficient – that’s how much he loves collards – and instead filled my fridge with something like 3 bunches and I had to get creative with them.)and combined them with curry, ginger, allspice and pumpkin and then served with plantains on the side.

    Yet another way I’ve read to serve them is sliced into thin ribbons, fried with garlic in olive oil over high heat, stirring constantly. After a minute or two, add a tablespoon or two of balsamic vinegar and cook another minute. Pine nuts were a suggested add.

    I’m not sure how Paleo most of that is, but maybe they will give you some inspiration to make them more exciting.

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