Day 10

Whole30: Day 10

We’re officially a third of the way through!  Not like anyone’s counting.  Nope.

Eh – I’ve written so much today that I actually don’t have much to say about food!  It seems so… unimportant in the face of death and grief.  But I will say that at the heart of it, my mom’s death is what inspired me to get off my ass and do something about my weight, and in turn, my health.  So I guess there’s that.  Also, if she saw me now, she’d certainly say that I was way too skinny, and ask if I needed to go see my doctor to see if something was wrong with me.  Ha.  No, really.

Also, the Whole30 is a not just food (though it’s the most obvious part.. duh), but for me, it’s also keeping up my gym routine, and also getting back into the habit of meditating for 20 minutes a day.  I’m also enjoying things like, going to a music class once a week with some other local folks, working on my Children’s Music CD (I still have to post about that!   Geez), and reading books about mountaineering (don’t ask).  So it’s a wholesome body approach, the Whole30.

This morning, I made a kick-ass salad for our lunch (spinach leaves, chicken, cucumbers, raw cashews, blueberries, diced up apricots, hard-boiled egg), which is good, since it will be what we’re having for lunch tomorrow.  Last night’s pot roast was so good, we ate it before you could open your Instagram app.  Mmhmm.

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