Day 8

Whole30: Day 8

Well, we made it through the weekend with only a few moans and groans about feeling deprived.  Really, there’s nothing like sitting around your house to make you think things like, “Hmm… something’s missing.  *pause*  Oh that’s right!  Oreos!”

So we mainly kept ourselves busy both days.  Sunday, when faced with some down time, I was originally going to work on recording some more kid’s songs (side project – whole other post!), but since my throat/nose feels crappy, I went with working outside in the yard instead.  It was, after all, a gorgeous Sunday weather-wise.

The dog and I worked the composters – turning one, and incorporating the other one into it.  Holy earthworms, man.  Anyone need some earthworms?  I also tidied the deck, swept, raked, and just did some overall backyard cleaning.  That kept me busy just long enough during RR’s nap, and then we headed out to shop for some new RR clothes.

While shopping, I bought a cup of coffee for myself, and RR a bag of popcorn.  That kid LOVES some popcorn.  Plus, we had just been in a kids store where some three year old kept getting all up in her face, which makes her sad, so popcorn to the rescue (or as a reward for not slapping the other kid silly)!  Now, we’ve tried to bring RR up right.  Which means she likes to share.  Which means she would REALLY like us to have some popcorn with her.  Which we usually, in paleo-land, would – it’s not the end of the world, popcorn.  But off-limits in Whole30.  So my wife and I played this game called, Let’s Fake Eat The Popcorn She Gives Us While Secretly Putting It In A Napkin.  This is a much easier game to play if you don’t like popcorn.  But like our kid, we love some popcorn, too.  Sigh.

So home, dinner (I had salmon, my wife had steak, broccoli and some leftover sweet potatoes).  We made another steak to put on salads today with some spinach leaves, a hard-boiled egg, and other veggies.

Oh!  Dinner party!  I almost forgot.  It went really well – our friends came over, and we had Damn Fine Chicken drumsticks and thighs, after which we slow-cookered the bones and some other vegetables in the fridge overnight to make stock.  RR totally sat there and ate all of the meat off of a chicken drumstick.  And then some broccoli and sweet potatoes.  She’s amazing… and even more amazing when not eating yogurt and drizzling most of it everywhere with her spoon.

This week’s menu is a conglomeration of chicken, pork chops, and a beef shoulder slow cooker roast, and maybe something with some ground beef.  I bought some plantains to make Caramelized Mashed Plantains, which is amazing for any meal of the day.  One week down, and we’re out of the headachey phase, but staring down the “Give Me A Twinkie!” phase.


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