Day 6

Whole30: Day 6

Last night, we called an audible on our way home, since our original dinner suggestion (roasted chicken) sounded less appealing than, say, chicken CURRY.  So we braved the grocery store, picked up chicken breasts, coconut milk, and red curry paste and there you have it.  It was done before you could say, “Are you back already from walking the dog?”  We ate that with broccoli, and RR and I split a sweet potato.  And it was amazingly delicious.

So back to today.  Day 6 is a Saturday. And Saturdays around here kind of have a routine. We all get up around 8:15am, and proceed to shower and dress before rushing out of the door at 9am on our way to RR’s music class.  Music class is part music, part jumping and running around, and part convincing RR to stay within the circle of parents/kids and not run around the circle like a crazy woman, as she’d like to do.

Then we go to the grocery store. Sometimes TWO grocery stores, if we’re lucky.  Then home in time for lunch and putting RR down for a nap afterwards.  See?  Now you can stalk me.  There’s only so many grocery stores in this town.

We made it through both stores today OK, picking up some items on our list of things to make dinner tonight, for some friends who are coming over.  I KNOW!  Other people in your town ALSO doing the Whole30?  Craziness!  They are a delightful (straight) couple, and my wife works with the man in the couple.  They did the Whole30 a few months ago out of .. shit, I don’t know.  Curiosity?  Skepticism?  Anyhow – they’re doing it again, at the same time as us, so we’re cooking up some chicken, collards, and twice baked sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.  They’re bringing some kind of pumpkin banana mash.  Hell yes.

Luckily, since RR is such a terror in stores that require carts, we spent more time chasing after her than swooning over the Easter candy and donuts.  Man, we love donuts.  Damn.  We bought a ton of fruits and vegetables, and picked up coconut aminos and an unusually large amount of chicken, since it was on super sale.  Booyah.

We’re home, RR is napping, the groceries are put away, and I’m about to start tidying our house so that it’s appropriate for other people to be in it.  We had leftover chili for lunch and are enjoying some much-needed down time after a long week of hard work both WORKING and constantly thinking about food.  If I could be half as motivated to paint my bedroom as I am to eat sweet potatoes, that shit would be done by now.  Alas.

24 days to go!


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  1. Your doctor may be hotter than mine, but my grocery store has childcare. #justsayin

    On the other hand, at least one grocery store in your town has country ham and its own line of preserves, so you may yet hold the winning hand.

  2. holy cow – childcare?! Preserves do not beat that.

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