Day 5

Whole30: Day 5

Day 5 is brought to you in part by a huge pot of paleo chili that my wife made last night.  This was during and AFTER we had eaten our dinner, so technically, she made TWO dinners last night.  Am I lucky, or what?

So the chili was made purely to feed us lunch today, pictured here, and tomorrow.  And it’s amazing.  Our steak, sweet potato fries, and green bean dinner last night was pretty fucking good, too!  Well, this was before we had a family arm-wrestle to see who got the last of the sweet potato fries*.  RR won, as you’d imagine.  She’s way stronger than she looks.

So I think we’ve moved out of the KILL ALL THE THINGS part, and are settling into the I JUST WANT TO NAP part of the Whole30.  Maybe we’re fast-tracking through, since we’ve been “mostly” paleo since the first time we did this.  I think I remember wanting to kill all the things for weeks and weeks the last time.  We might gloss over the napping part, although I AM tired, today I’ve had more energy than I’ve had all week.

This, despite having a sinus infection.  Speaking of, I went to the doctor yesterday, and she, since I’ve been losing weight, likes to talk about my chin.  First, she said that she was excited to see my chin!  Then she said, she called it a tiny elven chin, which I’m not sure if it was a compliment or not.  Yesterday, it was upgraded to a pixie chin.  At least, I think that’s an upgrade.  For a sinus infection, we talked a LOT about my chin.  And then I got some antibiotics and went home, tiny elven pixie chin and all.

Speaking of chin – here is your reward for reading and following along for all five days.  A before/after picture!  Yay you!


So the one on the left (where RR looks terrified) is from April 2012, right after I played my last show with my band.  The one on the right is from Valentine’s Day of this year.  Commence chin comments.  That’s about a 40 pound difference between pictures, and every time I (reluctantly) pick up the 40 pound box of cat litter to haul into my grocery cart, I’m reminded of how much 40 pounds actually is.  And how much I resent my cats.  Sometimes.

So, really.  Besides the feeling better, the weight loss has totally been a motivator.  And while I’ve stopped actively losing weight, it’s shifting and turning into muscle here and there.  It’s like being pregnant.  With muscles.  And without all of the sugar and flour, the general buffer of bloating has gone away this week.

I snapped a picture on Day 1 and we’ll do a recap picture on Day 30 and see how we all feel about that.

Um, what else.  Oh, it’s the weekend starting at 5pm today.  Yay weekend!  Weekends can totally suck, but we have a LOT of shit to do in our house (who wants to come help paint and/or strip the wrought iron railing of rust?), so hopefully this will keep us out of troubling spots, like places that provide ice cream or heaven-sent cream horns.

*Recipe: one sweet potato, cut into fries, tossed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, into the oven for 20 minutes at 425, stirring/flipping at the 10 minute mark.  Try not to eat them all in one bite or hoard them onto your plate when people aren’t looking.  They are amazingly good, and RR could eat a whole batch.


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  1. She has your nose.

  2. I see where she’s at with the Pixie chin thing. Plus be-geeeeee-buz! Well done on the loss – it never really means much to me when I hear about weight loss in numbers, I need pictures!

    We’ve been dieting this month. No particular diet apart from not eating fat or cakes or cheese or take-aways – then this weekend we gave ourselves a couple of days off because we had visitors. Cheese, crisps (chips?), bread and butter, butter on its own, wine, beer, biscuits (I think you call them cookies – so what are biscuits to you?) beer, vodka, bread and butter, chocolate, cheese.

    I feel so horrible today. But I feel i’m on a slippery slope, I want more butter and more cheese. Right now. She’d better be in a stronger place than I am, when I get home tonight. We’re not good when we’re in a craving place at the same time.

    • Thank you thank you!

      And it’s hard, the whole.. going without bit. But yeah – that’s totally what happens to us! It’s the sugar train to crazytown, for me. But crazytown can be so yummy, and is almost always followed up by feeling horrible. And then it’s only a matter of time before it gets out of control. I swear, sugar is like heroine.

      Also.. these are biscuits!
      Usually served for breakfast or alongside a piece of fried chicken. Sometimes with butter, jam, and/or honey. Sometimes with sausage gravy. Always delicious.

  3. You look awesome! Go you! Loving the 30-day updates. It’s fun to see what you are eating and it’s giving me ideas for our household as well.

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