Day 3

Whole30: Day 3

Howdy from day 3!  Well, aside from the disgusting taste in my mouth, the headaches are gone and the moods are improving even more.  Withdrawal-wise, the bad mouth taste and the weird hot/cold tingling around my head and face are the only remaining symptoms.  I’ve got some of the Low Carb Flu symptoms, too, but nothing like when we did it the first time.  And some of it, honestly, might be the result of worse-than-usual allergies, a nagging cold, and a hard week of work.

As the second time we’ve done the Whole30, I’m finding all kinds of new shit out about myself.  Considering we’ve been keeping mostly paleo since July (which went from mostly strict to holiday-forgiveness to kind of strict to not very strict), things like breakfasts and lunches haven’t changed.  We still eat eggs every goddamn morning.  Sometimes with bacon, sometimes with fruit, sometimes with fruit AND bacon – hot damn!

I find how much I’ve relied on and enjoyed “treats” like almond flour pancakes and cream in my coffee so much that the mental game behind knowing that I’m going without makes me feel like I’m starving, when I’m actually not.  My brain is hungry, but my body isn’t.

Today’s lunch is brought to you by yesterday’s dinner pictured here leftovers (baked chicken with homemade red meat sauce, made from scratch recently and frozen, and a sweet potato).  Dinner tonight will be pork chops and this cauliflower, carrot, and parsnip extravaganza.

One thing we decided to do this time around (mostly due to not being able to grocery shop this past weekend), to keep ourselves out of the Cadbury Egg trap known as the Kroger, is inventory the cupboards and fridge/freezer, and order, make a menu for the week’s food (essential, we’ve found, for not only Whole30, but paleo, and our sanity), and then order any outstanding items from Relay Foods, who basically will do your shopping for you and you pick it up from them after work.  It’s not as expensive as it sounds, and they provide enough discount codes and awesomeness to make it worth it.  AND it keeps Cadbury Eggs from jumping in the grocery cart.  They are sneaky little bastards!

It’s like a man I used to work with used to say, about working long hours: “Better here working and making money, than out there spending money!”  Staying out of restaurants and grocery stores definitely takes the temptation and deprivation feelings out of the equitation.

I’m still surprised at how good I feel in the morning than I have been since.. oh, maybe Thanksgiving.  Less brain fog.  More energy.  Sleeping HARD.  No… like HARD HARD.  But then waking up with a bang and a start.  A nice reminder why this is all worth it.  Why the seeming torture is actually doing so much good.  Why feeling good is worth so much more than those Tagalongs.  Really.  I know!  Crazy talk.


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