Day 2

Whole30: Day 2

I hear you wondering aloud, “How can she blog about Day 2 at 11 o’clock in the morning?”

Well, friends, it’s because in the evening, after RR’s 7pm bedtime, I don’t have the time, nor the patience, to typitty type my feeeeeeelings from the day.  So Day 2, today, will kind of be a Day 1 recap and a State-Of-The-Paleo Day 2 update thus far.  Deal?  Perfect.

So yesterday’s over.  You’d think the first day back in the swing of things would be the hardest, but it’s not really.  This part of the Whole30 website is one of the more helpful pages.  So today, we are in the hangover.  Complete with foul taste in my mouth and raging headache this morning that prompted me to get up, brew a cup of coffee, and drink it in the bed while telling my wife about my dreams last night where I was VERY ANGRILY cleaning a dirty kitchen while throwing or hiding away non-paleo foods in our house.  See?  It gets IN YOUR BRAIN, man.

I’ve stopped feeling so clammy and sweaty, which is nice.  Last time we did this, I think I was clammy and sweaty for nearly two weeks.  Almost immediately (aka 24 hours later), I feel less bloated and puffy.

Last night, all three of us hunched over our meals, eating like cavemen.  I watched in horror as RR hoarded and ate all of the remaining fresh avocado.  I contemplated aloud my desire to have some Bengal Spice Tea later on in the evening, and was kept in check by my wife, who reminded me that doing that was, as the Whole30 would scold me, just substituting something paleo-approved for whatever non-paleo habit I had developed (whiskey, beer, ice cream).  I forget sometimes that it’s not just a physical reset, but a mental one as well.

It’s also something that requires a tremendous amount of support.  I don’t know… wait, I’m SURE I couldn’t do this if both me and my wife weren’t doing it at the same time.

This morning, we both woke up in a remarkably good mood, despite feeling hungover and headachey.  I popped a chicken breast in the oven to cook so that I could take it to lunch, and my wife made us delicious spinach omelets, which all three of us ate.  And here we are at 11am.  A trip to the gym and eating my salad (spinach leaves, blueberries, two hard boiled eggs, and a chicken breast) are in order before 2pm.


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  1. would love to keep seeing a daily recap of what exactly it is you eat on this diet. =) I popped over to that website and read their list of no-nos, and my first thought was “what the hell exactly CAN I eat then?”. Not being able to imagine how I would eat on this diet is the main thing that stops me from doing it.

    • Well, I’m glad at least one person isn’t like, “GROAN! I can’t believe we have to read this shit for 30 days!” 🙂
      The answer? Eggs. A lot of other stuff, but meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and then more eggs.

  2. You know, I was already paleo and didn’t expect any withdrawals, but I guess I’d wandered off into enough iffy/splurge type foods that I have a headache today! I hadn’t seen the timeline, off to check it out.

    • We started paleo doing the Whole30 back in July and the physical adjustment was huge. We’ve been pretty much keeping to 80/20 paleo since then, but had fallen into some bad habits, so are resetting again. Definitely less withdrawals this time, but still a noticeable physical reaction! The timeline cracks me up.

  3. whole30 is alot more strict than paleo because you cant have any almond flour and they frown upon any kind of meal that you would considered “paleofied” like, paleo pizza or paleo ice cream. i cant even have larabars 😦 But i enjoy reading your posts, today marks day 3 for me!

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