Day 1

Whole30: Day 1

See, we did the Whole30 back in July.  We both lost about 50 pounds each, and have kept it off, but are glutton for punishment and doing it all again.  Starting today.

The first time we did it, we didn’t tell anyone.  This time, I’m going to blog every day about it.  Lucky you!

Considering It’s about noon on day one, I don’t have a ton of filters around my thoughts, since I’m too busy actively withdrawing from sugar, alcohol, and a weekend’s worth of PopTarts and girl scout cookies.  Think of any movie or TV show you’ve watched where someone is detoxing from some drug, and it’s a litttttle (maybe a lot) like that.

Seriously – my head is tingling, my speech is slurred, the back of my head feels both hot AND cold, I’m grinding my teeth, and I’m super grouchy.  My head hurts and I feel kind of sweaty.  All because my body would like another PopTart.  NOW!

One of the reasons I’m Whole30-ing again is because I’m obviously totally addicted to sugar, and I need a re-check.  It’s not because every so often I have a hamburger and fries for lunch.  Or ice cream on the weekends with RR while we’re out shopping.  Or pizza here and there.  Our version of the Church of Paleo permits that, and it’s likely one of the reasons we’ve kept our relative 50 pounds at bay.

But lately I’ve found myself shopping for sugar.  You know… opening the cabinet is step one in shopping for sugar.  Getting the stool out to check behind things in the cupboard is step two.  Going to meetings I’m totally uninterested in all because there was a rumor that there’d be cookies… step three.  Partaking of five cookies and taking another five back to my office… step four and so on.

If I can get my cookie-consumption in check, then, apparently, I move to alcohol.  In a daily dose sort of way.  No bueno.

See?  Nothing I’m proud of.  But!  It makes the previous 35 years of my life and weight make so much more sense.

So we’re back to 30 days of clean livin’.  A reset.  A do-over.  Not because I want to lose more weight (200 feels good to me these days!), but because I don’t feel as well as I have been, as I know I CAN feel.  And that bums me out, and makes me feel bloated and puffy.  Ew.

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  1. Glad I found your blog! I am also on day one of the Whole30 and i have never done it before 🙂

  2. I started back on Atkins today. And after the crappy day/night/weekend/last week I had, I picked a bad day not to be able to stop at Orange Leaf on the way home.

  3. Wow, I am impressed. I have joined some friends in a month of eating vegan, and we are currently on day 5, but after reading the Whole30 link, I am definitely intrigued. The vegan thing is turning out to be really good for my vegetable consumption, and making me pay more attention to the food I am eating. I can see the benefits of the Whole30; maybe we’ll try it in the future. I’m looking forward to your posts!

    • I can’t say enough good things about the Whole30. It does, however, really want you to like eating meat – if you buy local or humane-raised meat, it takes the sting out of your conscious as you find yourself eating eggs, chicken, beef, pork, etc. etc. every day.

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