As someone who has been dealing with substantial death grief for almost a year now (can you believe it?  yeah, me either), the only thing I can think to say to this mourning family is – it’s hard now, it’s gonna get harder, then, if you can imagine, even harder.  But then you will heal.  Time will heal you.  Friends and family will heal you.  You will have scars.  You will smile again, and laugh again, and learn not to feel guilty about it.  It’s coming, but you have an enormous mountain of pain to crawl over first.  You have to keep moving your feet, even if you want to sit down and stop.  The wave will consume you, you will think you’re absolutely drowning, but you will come up for air.  Keep breathing, keep moving.  Don’t feel the need to “be strong.”  Be weak and brittle and broken for as long as you want.  But time will heal you.  Eventually.

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