Friday Mornings

On Friday mornings, my wife has to be at work at 7:45am.  I realize that some of you are up and at work at this time every morning, or in a car/bus/train/ferry commuting by then (at least), or have been awake for hours with your respective early risers.  But for us, being SPOILED ROTTEN, 7:45am is usually when one mama is getting out of the shower, the other one is hopping in, and RR is dozing soundly in her room while we try to make as much noise as possible to wake her up.

Now now, we paid very many dues before getting to this SPOILED ROTTEN chapter of our lives.  We used to wake up in the 5’s and 6’s.  Commuting in the cold, dark mornings.  For years and years, we only saw each other for a brief moment between getting home from work (7pm) and going to bed (9pm).  Then there was that whole year that my wife worked shift work, and I’m not sure we ever saw each other.  Dues – check.

But now we drive to and from work together (going on 4+ years now), and usually drop off RR in the morning together as well.  AND we’re still married!  I KNOW!  It is a really good thing we like each other so much.  It totally helps that she’s unbelievably hot.

So back to the story.  Friday mornings, getting our collective asses out of the house by 7:40am (see what I did there?  Do that SPOILED ROTTEN commuting math) is like, a household challenge.  It just means we wake up earlier, and actually have to physically wake up (soothing back rubs, gentle talking) RR, and rush through the dressing/eating/warming-up-the-car motions.

But then the reward!  Well, my reward.  (Sorry, wife, I don’t know what your reward is on Friday mornings… other than to know that it’s Friday?  Oh, and maybe sometimes when I bring you coffee… that counts, right?)  So RR and I drop off my wife, and then I get to spend 30 minutes with her all by my lonesome.  We sometimes go to Starbucks.  Sometimes to the grocery store.  Sometimes to the Starbucks AT the grocery store.  We kill a little time before she has to be at school for 8:30am (second) breakfast.


This morning, we shared a blueberry muffin, and got some lunch fixin’s.  We held hands in the grocery store, and tootled leisurely down the aisles.  Usually a kid who loves to race everywhere she goes, I think the subduedness of the morning time slowed her down.  Well, it didn’t make her less excited about a muffin, though.

I’m spoiled not only because of my commute and my hot wife, but because I get Friday morning breakfast dates with my daughter.  Not a bad gig.




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  1. Aww! What a cutie! And yay for parent-kid dates!

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