Of For Pete’s Sake

We say that a lot in our house.  Rather, I say that a lot.

OK – first, for your patience as I’ve lost the blogging handle (read, sitting at my computer, doing all of my Christmas shopping online and not telling you all about it), here is a picture of RR talking a city stroll the other day, rocking her new hat and a juice box.
Thug Life

See!?  Rewards!

Blah blah, Christmas is over, blah blah, Happy New Year, blah blah, 2012 FUCKING SUCKED Y’ALL.  That would be the title of my end-of-2012 update.  For serious.

Can you believe that a) my wife and I have been doing this Paleo business for six straight months? and b) we’re closing in on March, which will mark one whole fucking year since my mom died?  Holy moly.  I will add that we did have non-paleo cookies last night (that were ridiculously delicious) and that I’m still seeing my therapist (He says “Hi!” again, along with “Thank you for listening to her for free!”) and on anti-depressants, so adapting to both of these changes is a work in progress.  I had a good, hearty, crying meltdown on New Year’s Eve (as ya do), which was my first in a good, long while.

RR is insane.  In that good, belly-laugh sort of way.  She asks “Are you OK, mama?” every time one of us sneezes.  And she says, “Good job!” when one of us does something, like… pass the salt, or follow directions that she gives us.  She got a Dr. Curious George stuffed doll for Christmas, along with a Dr.’s kit, so there are a lot of procedures at our house, when Dr. RR puts on her stethoscope.  When putting on George’s band-aid, she offers him a lot of support: “I know, I know… It’s OK… I know, I know.”


You would trust this face, right?

She’s growing a lot these days.  Her hair (in her face), her fingernails (dirty), her appetite (salty and briny things – olives, pickles, Funyuns), her mannerisms (“Fist bump, mama?”).  She’s an adorable hoot, and adds perspective to everything.  We’re all healthy and looking forward to coming out of this Spring unscathed and ready for warmer weather and sunshine.

Thanks, if I haven’t said it lately, for reading, commenting, not commenting, just being here.. there.. wherever you are.

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  1. Oh I’d trust that face for sure…actually on second look…perhaps just for minor procedures though. Choosing her as my Fertility doctor? Not so much!

  2. There you are! I double checked I hadn’t missed anything from you in my reader yesterday – and my brow creased slightly when I saw your last post was more than a month ago!

    Re NYE meltdowns – I had a tough year in 2011 (tough – relative to my own experiences) and despite the fact that I felt very emotionally healthy towards the end of the year, I began to feel something bubbling up as December plodded on. I don’t really believe in marking dates as the end or beginning of something. 31st December and 1st January are but dates which were made up by mankind, and if you look out of the window, you’ll see that it’s nothing more than a cycle repeating itself as the little birds go about their business, searching for worms and the grass keeps growing. Yet … as the days passed by that December, and eventually Christmas was finished, I could not talk myself out of the feeling of blackness overtaking my insides. I gave in, fell to snotty gross pieces on New Years Eve, and woke up on New Years Day feeling lobotomised and fresh and new. A brand new person.

    Funny, innit?

    Dr. RR: Adorable!

    • Here I am!

      It’s true. Even though it’s just a different day of the week, different day on the calendar, the pressure of the entire year before just kind of explodes on NYE. The next day always feels better, though. I think this particular night was less about missing my mom, but also reliving NYE 10-11, when I spent the night with her and my sister, with her in a coma after her first stroke. I have a feeling that, no matter what year it is, that night will always be difficult.

  3. I too had a wretched-awful-oh-god-can-this-get-any-worse 2011, and 2012 was a vast improvement. Sending good thoughts your way that 2013 will kick 2012’s butt for you!

  4. Thanks for writing! That is one adorable girl. 🙂

  5. No lie? I didn’t cry on NYE, but I did write “2012 and all the crap that came with it” on a piece of paper, and then take a certain amount of unholy glee in burning it to ashes, down to the very last scrap. And my 2012 wasn’t nearly as rough as yours.

    And perhaps Dr. RR and Dr. Critter can start a practice together someday. Yesterday he shone a flashlight into my ear, peered in, and said “Nope! No goobers!”. I was very relieved with the diagnosis.

  6. My meltdown is always somewhere closer to Christmas day. Like the day after or the day after that. By New Years, I’m ready for the new. Bring it!

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