Does being born in a certain location automatically program you to speak with that accent?

Despite neither M nor myself having a particularly thick accent of any kind (I suppose mine is a touch southern, and hers is southern plus midwest?) – RR says some words with a huge, thick southern accent.

For example, “more” and “bear.”

We all know that these two words have one syllable.  But not in RR’s world.  “More” is “moe-wa-ore” and “bear” is “bay-ya-err.”  This is particularly alarming when she wakes up in the night asking for her stuffed bear… hollering, “Baaayyyyaaerrrr… I need baaaayyyyyyerrrrr.”  I almost want to give her an aspirin.

My family’s Virginia accent is frighteningly similar to this recording.  Specifically, my family is prone to pronouncing the “day” at the end of days of the week as “dee.”  Wednesdee.  Tuesdee.  And my grandparents all pronounced “brother” as “bruh-thah.”  Me, not so much, though.

So OK y’all (see what I did there?) – I know kids have funny and hilarious ways of pronouncing (or mispronouncing) words, but what about accents?  Any strong accent leanings already?  And if so, where in the world are they coming from?


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  1. My kid is Deutsch und jüdisch.

  2. I lived in Texas from ages 4 to 9. 20 years later, I still say “y’all” and “fixin’ to” all the time, despite an otherwise nondescript Average American accent.

  3. The southern thing is particular to toddlers, and KILLS me. I posted on twitter about it this morning – it’s both adorable, and driving us NUTS.

  4. both of the twins seem to have a boston accent. it is amusing. especially since neither of us is from boston – new england yes. but i enjoy it all the same 🙂

  5. Our 7 year old has no discernible accents- but then, she’s from the midwest, and I never though there was much accent to be had out here (minus an inclination to say “crick” and “pop” instead of “creek” and “soda”… says the Californian…)

  6. Mine had a touch of a Jersey accent when she was 3. Given that she has lived in Virginia her entire life, we have no idea where the hell that came from. She’s outgrown it thankfully.

  7. I live in Eastern Kentucky. My future kids have no hope.

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