This morning, we dropped RR at her new center, full of first-day-of-school jitters (us, not her) and trepidation that she (or us) would disintegrate into a pile of soggy, wet emotions everywhere.  But no, we were all OK.  We arrived (on time – gasp) with all of her accoutrements (sheets, blanket, spare clothes, diapers, wipes) and a positive attitude that this would go smoothly.  We also accounted for hanging out with her for 20 minutes or so until she got settled.

She enjoyed seeing her new friends she had seen only on the playground before, new toys, and new things to get into.  My wife did the settling in (and consoling of one of RR’s good friends who was having a hard time) and I filled out forms and talked with one of the teachers about what kind of new routine we could expect.

Not to bore you with details of all that, let’s cut to the chase about how incredibly proud and happy we were at her braveness.  For Little Miss Slow to Warm, she did a phenomenal job.  We spent last week practicing her new teacher’s names, so she got to put those in context. I think the newness of everything was more exciting than it was scary, and she was actually one of the only kids bouncing around the room, laughing and smiling.  So, so proud.

Also, earlier this week, we snapped a picture of her on our front stoop in a spot (and close-enough pose) where we took her first day of school picture last year.  Can you believe how far we’ve come?  I mean, the hair alone!


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  1. I think I just melted from cuteness.

  2. aww I’m glad everyone survived day 1 – and my she’s grown!

  3. Wow, what a big girl! Go RR! And go moms!

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