Is it Fall yet?

We’re kind of in the calm before the storm.  Or, rather, the frenzy before the storm? Can you have a frenzied storm?  Is that a Nor’easter?  Anyhow…

The storm is as follows:

  • We’ve changed the way we’ve been eating.  What started off as a kind of an experiment has turned into something that, I truly believe, we may actually stick with for a good long while.  Read my wife’s take on it (Part 1, Part 2) as she’s smart, beautiful, AND articulate.  This is only considered a part of the storm, since swearing off brownies and fast food makes us COOK.  EVERY.  MEAL.  This means an enormous part of our life is spent preparing eggs/beef/chicken in 8,105 different ways every day, while processing fruit and veggies, running the dishwasher twice a day, and constantly cleaning the crock pot.  Seriously – some mornings we’re eating breakfast while preparing lunch while cutting up something for dinner.  But really, the brownie-every-night-lifestyle wasn’t doing us any favors…
  • I’m (still, duh) training to run my four mile race, which is coming up on Sept. 1.  A friend of mine said, “Well, that’s not really a test you can cram for, huh?”  Which is true.  I’ve stuck to the program, which meets every Saturday morning at 7am, and I’m 100% confident that I won’t come in last, which is really awesome.  I also worked hard enough to buy a sleeveless butch duo-dry running shirt.
  • The week of 8/27 is already insane, and it isn’t even here yet.  We have a houseguest (a woman I work with) coming to stay three nights that week, which means extreme basement makeover needs to happen between now and then, since she’ll be coming and going at odd hours.  Usually, people get put up in the nice, comfy spare bedroom, but the basement has a bed, TV, desk, and outdoor entrance.  Hell, if it had a bathroom, we’d rent that shit out.
  • Also that week, RR starts her new school, which is seriously a whole new post, but I wanted to give you a head’s up.  Y’all, this is gonna be traumatic.  OK, maybe not.  But maybe so.  Maybe for her and not us, or vice versa.  This is the kid who sobbed uncontrollably this morning AT HER USUAL CENTER when we dropped her off with someone that wasn’t her teacher (yet someone she sees every day).  Sigh.
  • On the heels of the upcoming transition, I’ve been doing some serious reading about slow to warm kids.  (Speak up, folks, if you have one!)  The older she gets, the more seriously slow to warm she is becoming.  I don’t want to label her (too late?) as shy (we usually say “sensitive”), but her personality really seems to be settling in.  Gah.  Advice?

So there’s that.  Eating.  Running.  Cleaning.  Worrying.  Preparing.  Holy cow, is it Fall yet?


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  1. Our oldest (8.5 years) kiddo almost perfectly fits into the “Highly Sensitive Child” category. Slow to warm would be a high compliment for her sometimes. We found the HSC book (can’t remember the author) pretty helpful when she was younger. Maybe it would give you a few more tools too?

    FWIW, our younger son (2.5) is an extrovert in comparison, yet still causes a ruckus every time I drop him off at daycare. We’re going on almost four straight weeks of it. The teachers assure me it’s normal.

    Good luck, moms!

    • Thanks! I’ll definitely look into the HSC book. I was surprised (and comforted) the other day about how much literature was actually out there regarding slow to warm kids. It’s amazing to watch their personalities evolve. Thanks again!

  2. Yes, it is interesting to see how much of this personality/temperment stuff seems to be innate.
    I’ll echo B Mama and say that my kiddo, who is an extrovert and a talker, cried at almost every drop-off at his new school for at least the first month. This was really rough on my partner, who did most of the drop-offs. But his teachers were very sweet and reassured us that it’s very common. And now he LOVESLOVESLOVES it there and it’s fun to see how comfortable he is in his space and with his friends. So hang in there!

  3. A four-mile race sounds lovely! Way to keep it up at going to your practice run meetings!

  4. I’m three weeks late on this – catching up on my blog reading now – but wanted to chime in re: slow-to-warm children. Henry is the KING of slow-to-warm. I try (and try and try) to accept my children for who they are, but struggle with this particular aspect of HT mostly because it’s so very different from who I am. I’m extremely extroverted by nature, and can’t understand his wanting to take the time to observe before joining in… well, anything. Everything. What has helped me the most has been seeing that he’s not bothered by this part of who he is, and that he’s not SCARED to try new things – he just takes his sweet time deciding to actually DO so. Now, at four, he’s able to articulate his feelings to me: “Some people like to just do stuff. I prefer to watch for a while first… DEN go and do it.” Fair enough. It still frustrates me more than I’d like, and we’re now starting to run into situations where he’s frustrated, too: If he doesn’t feel comfortable joining in at a friend’s party until the last ten minutes, then he only really has ten minutes of playtime. The party ends when it ends, and it won’t continue for another hour just because he’s now ready for it. He understands that… but it still doesn’t help him to acclimate any faster. None of this is any help to you, I know, but please know that your family has plenty of company when it comes to slow-to-warm kiddos! (I sometimes feel like we’re the only ones… it feels good to read about others’ similar experiences.)

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