Wa-Meen and Oodert

Documenting some daily cute happenings in our house:

Watermelon = Wa-Meen
Yogurt = Oodert
Pears = Purrs
Bears = Burrs
W = Double-Ooo

Animal Sounds:
What does a frog say?  CROAK CROAK CROAK
What does a cat say?  Sometimes it’s CAT CAT CAT!  Most times, it’s Mee-now
What does a sheep say?  Baaaaaa (but think… like, sad, dying zombie sheep)

We recently discovered (as in, this morning) that she has named her bunny, “MeeMo.”  We have no idea why.  MeeMo!

She can often be found literally running in circles, until she falls from exhaustion, and then proceeds to crawl around in circles, and then starts to stand on her head.  If the dog is in her way?  No problem – “Scuse me… Moses” she’ll say as she scootches around him.

She also despises things being on her fingers.  Especially tiny things.  Like… a grain of sand, perhaps.  She’ll point the finger in question at you and say, “Ew… E-Double-Ooo.”

She thinks beer in a pint glass is juice.  “Juice, mama?”  “Yes, baby – mama juice.”

She gets ridiculously excited about my cup of coffee in the morning.  She can hear the coffee maker brewing from a mile away, and will say, “Toffee, mama!”  She’s kind of a coffee-pusher, I’d even say.

It’s amazing, really, to watch her evolve into a contributing member of the household.  Someone who knows what she wants to breakfast, and will tell you as much.  Someone who talks in the car and points out every truck we pass (and thinks they go “toot toot” like a train).  Someone who, all of the sudden, you can’t say “ice cream” or “pizza” in front of, since… uh, apparently she knows those words mean DELICIOUS.

Our only concern is this:  Can a child consume too much watermelon?  It is a staple at nearly every meal these days, and eaten by the hand and mouthfuls until we cut her off.

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